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Highpoint’s launch hits the skies

In a flurry of great pomp and ceremony, The GPT Group’s Highpoint Shopping Centre officially flung open the doors to its newly created fashion precinct in the heart of the shopping centre. Bringing to the western suburbs what it’s been lacking for so long, the shopping centre plays home to some of the most popular … Continue reading

GlamCorner welcomes Jayson Brunsdon

One of Australia’s most renowned names in fashion both nationally and internationally, Jayson Brunsdon has expanded his stockists repertoire to include one of Australia’s most latest names in online retail with a twist. A new service by the name of GlamCorner offers design lovers and wearers the chance to wear some of the country’s best names … Continue reading

Obtain with Obtayne

If like me you’re one of those people that needs a gentle push into making the final decision to do something – be it make a purchase, a decision or to participate in something – this is the online shopping platform for you. Their slogan, why shop when you can obtayne is cool in itself; … Continue reading

The Oscars red carpet 2013 wrap-up

The 85th annual Academy Awards went off in its usual style, without a hitch. Fashion critics of all shapes and sizes spent most of the event picking apart fashion choices by the world’s most wealthy and well-known stars of the silver screen. And what fun it was. Putting themselves up for inevitable slaughter on the … Continue reading

Goodbye Grazia Australia

In a trend that seems to be rearing its ugly head in Australia, another casualty has been claimed in the gradual demise of Australian fashion and style magazines: Grazia Australia. After only having been in operation in Australia for five years, the Italian inspired editorial offering succumbed to poor circulation figures and bad sales as … Continue reading

I believe a good pair of undies should be a stylish extension of a man’s penis

The closest thing to a man for the most part of any given day, other than himself, is his underwear. It knows his most intimate parts and appendages and realistically endures quite the battering from the most uncouth of individuals. Commonly, underpants aren’t a spoken about thing. They’re buried under piles of garments when passing … Continue reading

The Karen Walker Candy Bar

It was young Aaron Carter that sung about his excitement and insatitable drive toward how badly he wanted candy, if I recall correctly. This 2013, this young Carter’s desire has overflowed into no doubt the pulpit of society whereby upon their discovery of the Karen Walker Candy Bar, chaos is sure to ensue. In other words; … Continue reading

Bulldog: a man’s best friend

Everyone knows that a dog is man’s best friend. After having used Bulldog’s skin care over the past few weeks, I can safely say that he is just that. Packed with the seemingly mandatory-these-days essential oils and other such ingredients that do nothing but wonder for the skin like green tea, green algae, konjac mannan and … Continue reading

Men’s Biz Dopp Box

For the man who likes to take care of himself but can never be bothered proactively going about it; this is for you. Australian men’s grooming retailer Men’s Biz has released a quarterly subscription-based grooming pack called the Men’s Biz Dopp Box. It basically does all the work for men who want to look good, … Continue reading

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