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What is Paris ’99?

Paris ’99 is a fashion lover’s dream come true. For admirers of fashion without the hefty price tag, Paris ’99 makes the unattainable for most, attainable; all the while with a glass of champagne, a good conversation and a plethora of reading books in a private library open for the taking. The baby of Melbourne … Continue reading

Christina Exie

Sitting demurely in a café, Christina Exie’s presence in the room doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s alluring with her sweet persona and innocent face, clashing perfectly with her dramatic and clean-cut look that is only too familiar with the Melbourne vibe. It’s no wonder she was so successful in her stint on the country’s most prized … Continue reading

How Two Live: Stef and Jess Dadon

When your sister and best friend is on the other side of the globe, what better way to keep in touch than with a blog, a passion that joins you and an insatiable appetite for clothes that is readily and easily met through a serious shopping addiction? The Dadon girls, Jess and Stef asked themselves that … Continue reading

TETTMANN.DOUST and their Parrallel Tensions

Two Melbourne girls, Naomi Tettmann and Elke Doust, founded TETTMANN.DOUST. Their love for the unique, the natural, the obscure and the skillful playing to their chosen life of fashion and design for the betterment of their self-titled label. Having recently made an impression on the Australian fashion scene in 2012’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, the … Continue reading

I like my Jean N Tonik with ice

A focus on introducing colour, opening-up the wardrobes of Melburnian men and introducing a funky range of clothing with a new edge that is slightly different to what typical Melburnians wear, Jean N Tonik is the new thing in mens’ retailing that is making waves online. Founded by Gabriel Hazim in early 2012, the online retailer … Continue reading

All about Anthony Capon

Going in with a predisposition; I came out with a revelation. Reputations of being set and confident in his ways, battling stereotypes and having a formidable character are all that swirled through my mind as I entered the glamorous warehouse that housed my source of conversation, Anthony Capon. After all, that was all I knew … Continue reading

A world of pretty dresses: Cathleen Jia

Design, dresses, creativity and all things pretty are in her blood. As a young girl, obsession with Barbie dolls and creating uniquely ‘designed’ dresses and garments were her bread and butter. Nowadays, Melbourne cocktail and bridal dress and gown designer Cathleen Tan focuses her attention on more lucrative options, but hasn’t lost that childhood pizzazz … Continue reading

Such is the life of a photographer: Meagan Harding

There’s a certain something about Meagan Harding that makes her stand out from the rest. Is it her exquisite demeanour with a lick of real Australiana? Is it her easily noticeable sense of style? Her warm and hilarious personality that is only too happy to approach and be approached? Or her penchant for occasionally being … Continue reading

I know nothing of good virtue. The Madam, however…

On one Friday afternoon (24 February 2012), for no particular reason other than the call of haute couture in sweet old Melbourne town, Meagan Harding from Style Farm and I paid a visit to our virtuous Madam in the city. No, she does not divvy out services to the highest-paying gentleman; she is not actually … Continue reading

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