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Take a look inside my Media Bag

Having worked in PR agencies around Melbourne, I know all too well the usefulness and practicality of having an online service that acts as a mass call out service from which to source sources for stories and case studies. Such a service is aptly named SourceBottle. My fellow blogger, journalist and PR friends will be … Continue reading

Better than mother’s Milk

It’s winter. The wind is cool, the sun – which we’ve surprisingly had a fair bit of – is strong and the dehydration factor is off the charts. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you need to neglect taking care of your skin. Short of – as much as so many of us would … Continue reading

The Eye öf Hörus

I don’t do drag. Never have and most likely never will. It’s not my thing. And as much as a stunningly beautiful woman I contend I’d make, I don’t think crossing that line in the sand between masculinity and transexuality is quite for me. However… I was recently made privy to a unique product in the … Continue reading

Geo. F. Trumper’s art of wet shaving

The remarkably old school practise of stropping is now a figment of the past reserved for those of the era or those who fancy the odd beating of a piece of leather. It sharpens the razor blade before a shave and keeps the blade clean. But who cares?! With a new product I’ve recently discovered … Continue reading

Lqd Skin Care for men

My skin screams with joy, writhes with excitement and thirsts for its Lqd. Australia has been smacked with a new player in the men’s skin care market that rivals oily, poorly made, chemically enhanced and unnatural alternatives available that in fact do nothing. It offers manageable, fragrance-free, chemically and dermatologically tested skin care perfection, the likes of … Continue reading

What makes a man moist?

Supple skin is beautiful. That’s why I always try to ensure I have it. As the skin ages, cell regeneration slows and falters and the sun, environment, foods and other things we force our body to endure take effect, we notice changes in our appearance. Feint lines show, skin if left untreated can become dry, … Continue reading

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