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Styling tips for Autumn

With a change of season in the air and a notable excuse to wear more layers than we have been, this Autumn is all about having fun with your fashion. To ensure you’re dressed for the weather, layering is a must, and is also an easy way to add interest to an outfit. Spice up … Continue reading

Telstra’s THANKS program

In Village Cinemas’ Gold Class at Crown, we sat, ate and drank to our heart’s content while a live stream of the Oscars showered down upon us. Not bad for a Monday morning. Fashion bloggers and website operators from Melbourne were hosted by Telstra in conjunction with their partner, Village to put on a unique … Continue reading

Mister Mode Fashion Nightmarket in LMFF’s Cultural Program

A young group of entrepreneurs have come a long way since the day Mister Mode was founded some three years ago. In 2013, Mister Mode, a night-time fashion and lifestyle event is quickly becoming synonymous with the city of Melbourne. So much so that it has been initiated into the hallowed halls of the L’Oreal … Continue reading

The Wise officially opens its doors

One chef is Greek. The other Spanish. Two fiery and interesting cultural backgrounds that clash in both the real world and the marriage that in this case binds these two, adding nothing but a flavoursome zest to the food they produce and the ambience of High Street in the Chapel Street Precinct’s funkiest shopping and … Continue reading

Why we love vintage clothes

When we think of “vintage” what immediately comes to mind is “old”. When it comes to clothes we think right away that these are from a previous era, and those shirts and dresses that hippies used to wear kind of sum up what this style of clothing is about. There is a common misconception that … Continue reading

How to spice up your suit

Five tips on how to add interest to your work wear For many, our work clothes get more wear time than the rest of our wardrobe. But just because they may be required to fit into the corporate bland aesthetic that is forced upon us by our office job rules and regulations, doesn’t mean they need to be strictly … Continue reading

All you need is hope

I’m normally not one for charity. I’m one of those prudish, prickish cynics that doesn’t believe the money raised goes to the charities whose names have been lent to the fundraiser, nor the very people the fund-raising is meant to benefit. However, the MO behind the Bands4Hope program seems to be slightly more substantial than most, having … Continue reading

It’s Aus Open time! Jacob’s Creek Super Sunday

I love tennis. So naturally, when January rolls around – in addition to it being my birthday month – my other favourite happening is the Australian Open that tickles my tonsils. In what is set to be a fantastic day at Australia’s much loved sporting tournament, Jacob’s Creek Super Sunday is taking place on Sunday … Continue reading

Australia welcomes Ellen

In March, Australia will welcome one of America’s biggest names in television, Ellen DeGeneres. Move over Oprah. The pro-equal rights activist, comedian, actor-come-talk show host celebrity whose name rose through the ranks of television to international fame, bolstered only by her same-sex marriage to Australian actress Portia De Rossi, Ellen will head down-under (cringe) to spruik two … Continue reading

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