LMFF Runway 4 with Madison

Black, white earthen tones and basic prints were the focus of Madison’s runway at this year’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

A bit placid, but nonetheless, the structural prowess and impressive insight each designer brings to their collection and its display made overlooking the basic collection of colours and activity a touch easier.

Designers Aurelio Costarella, Flannel and Kirrily Johnston all stuck to a safe colour palette but it was Kirrily’s use of sleek feminine lines and embellishments, Flannel’s use of lace, fringing and above-the-knee hemlines and deliberate bunching and Aurelio’s cinched waists, embellished shoulders and sleek lines that made them simply stand out from the rest.

Megan Park’s painterly inspired prints were reminiscent of colours of the wild while plunging necklines and a focus on the female chest, separate to her inclusion of lace and chiffon skirting, was most notable by way of breast plates and flesh.

Allanah Hill’s corporate-girl-come-style icon look reigned supreme over the more basic end of the spectrum with plain colouring, basic hemlines and feminine features and embellishments making the most of their time in the spotlight.

Always a favourite, Jayson Brunsdon’s more feminine of looks were showcased with azure blues, fresh reds and blue steel greys taking the most notable attention of the runway, standing out effortlessly by way of the feminine trailing, chest features and elegant draping, typical of the designer.

Thanks to my favourite Meagan Harding of Meagan Harding Photography for her work. Always flawless.


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