LMFF Runway 3 with Grazia

You couldn’t help but feel the ethereal air abounding at the runway that was the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival runway three.

As Ginger & Smart took to the runway, the colours and hues of burnt umber lit-up the room with a collection reminiscent of a parched landscape. The minimal colours and embellishments, structure and story behind the pieces replicated the creativity behind a landscape whose notoriety for dry spells and lack of wonderment is all too well known.

Alice McCall’s use of well above the knee hemlines and art deco prints on dresses, skirts and long and short sleeved tops make for a stark contrast from the likes of Ginger & Smart, but were perfectly on trend and similar to the likes of Tigerlily and YB J’Aime whose prints were just as active and alluring to the sight in a more softly spoken way.

Long skirts were a noticeable trend amongst the designers with the likes of YB J’Aime and Tigerlily, ended abruptly by the introduction of Sydney-based designer Michael Lo Sordo, whose Sydney aesthetic injected a fresh and clean coloured and hemlined slant on things from a more classically feminine look.

Ksubi’s denim-on-denim, short shorts and biker look was oh so Melbourne and definitely targeted at the consumer market.

Conversely, LIFEwithBIRD’s collection of safe colours and pastel prints worked harmoniously against the rough street edge of Ksubi and the prettier, more pot pourried adventures of its predecessors.

Photos courtesy Jennifer Estrada of MIRAR PR


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