LMFF Runway 2 with InStyle

For the most part, in a display of monochromatic wonderment and textural aplomb, the second show of this year’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in conjunction with InStyle featured many Australian women’s favourites in the way of clothing for all purposes.

The likes of Bianca Spender, Camilla, Kate Sylvester, Leona Edmiston, Lisa Ho and Morrison hit the runway suggesting that this year’s colour and print palette errs on the side of comfort and practicality that statement, while hemlines remain straight, draping is pertinent and pops of colour, a must.

A definite stand out of the show was Camilla’s bohemian collection of colour amongst print-on-print, a trend we saw earlier in 2012, the versatility of which can’t be escaped nor avoided. Regardless, the colours were infectious and made bold statement after bold statement alongside plunging necklines and feminine trains.

Kate Sylvester appealed to the librarian of the 50s in us all with faux fur shawls and geek-chic glasses, tying in nicely with a range of above-the-knee skirts and dresses in a light smattering of adventurous colour and print that popped from the runway.

In stark contract, Leona Edmiston’s collection of darker colours with plant inspired print appeased the wintery nature of the forthcoming seasons, harking back to a bohemian aesthetic by way of neutral toned print, feature earrings and excessive movement.

Morrison’s prints harked back to that of Givenchy’s Bird of Paradise collection only with less colour. The sharp nature of the prints resembled a prickly reception, a welcome contrast to the metallic excitement of a few select pieces.

Lisa Ho’s structured draping by way of jackets, coats and dresses was not to be missed. Her selection of predominantly blacks and whites in her pieces were safe, but practical with an emphasis on simple colours taking the bulk of the garment as opposed to distracting with over activity.

Following suit, Bianca Spender’s safe colours with injections of life in her choices of leg wear were noticeably influenced by the effect of the night and the beauty it keeps in store.

Thanks to Jennifer Estrada of Mirar PR whose photos are below.


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