LMFF Runway 1

The LMFF runways are renowned for their drama, style and bringing of the public in to the excitement and seemingly unattainably beautiful world of high end fashion.

The first big scale show of the season was welcomed in alongside vogue.com.au in perfect style that did just that.

Designers the likes of Akira, Carla Zampatti, Collette Dinnigan, Josh Goot, Maticevski, Scanlan & Theodore and Willow all made their inimitable way down the runway to a packed house of fashion lover and media, bringing to the fore what each designer has in store for the forthcoming season.

All designers’ push for the above-the-knee skirt was noticeably back with the likes of Josh Goot and Scanlan & Theodore’s combination with unique scaled prints and clean, crisp wintery tones respectively.

Pants and their accompanying blazer and top are made a audible presence down the runway, heralded by Carla Zampatti and Akira, whose prints resembled the current trend of the orient we’re seeing nowadays.

Collette Dinnigan’s timeless floral injections punctuated nicely the largely monochromatic choices of the fellow leading designer’s showcases, showing that despite their tendency for (lack of) originality in the autumn season, florals are still affective.

Maticevski struck a chord with black and gold colouration amongst a firm clinging on to last season’s peplum trend; something we’ll be hard done by to do away with anytime soon. Feminine silhouettes and exaggerations on the hip didn’t go astray, tying noticeably in with Willow’s taste for sheer and chiffon that adorned most pieces.

Feminine lines trace the bodies of most designers while minimal draping that accentuates curves and the female frame and work to enhance the form rather than hide away were a favourite of all designers.

Photos courtesy Jennifer Estrada of Mirar PR.


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