Constance Roe accessories


It’s said a women can never have too many shoes. And bags. And dresses. And shoes.

So there’s no surprise that there are literally countless designers, labels and retailers that have hacked mercilessly into the female accessories business.

Constance Roe is one such artisan whose work sits amongst the many thousands of accessories designers out there, only with her work, there’s a notable point of difference.

With ecology in mind, sustainability at its heart and the wellbeing of the environment bubbling away at the back of her mind, Constance Roe is an accessories brand dedicated to the values of luxury with eco-mindfulness at the forefront of everything they do.

Each piece is wondrously hand finished using quality salvaged leathers and hides.

Belle Stewart is the Melbourne-based designer whose beliefs and values are the driving force behind the label. Her attitude that nothing should ever be wasted only enhances the virtuous nature of the Constance Roe name with a view to longevity the target of all.

The labels’ name comes from the designer’s grandmother, Constance Roe. A Melbourne style icon of the 30s and 40s, she was the epitome of feminine style, having appeared for the likes of Portmans, Sportscraft and Delphine. In homage to her grandmother, Belle carries her grandmother’s style through all work that bares her name.

Beauty and simplicity are the pillars of the Constance Roe way.

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