Kookaï and The Colour of Night

A feast of asymmetric hemlines not for the feint hearted, the Kookai AW collection graced the stage that was Melbourne recently to launch to the public what it has in store for this year’s ensuing cooler months.

Think a lot of black, plenty of print and a very strict adherence to the name of the collection, The Colour of Night.

Kookai’s tendency to dress – or be able to – a variety of women whose sartorial preferences dabble on the cusp of safe and adventurous made the countless-piece show entertaining as the story of daytime winterwear through to the evening call was displayed.

The Colour of Night is the second collection to feature model Nicole Trunifo as the face of the Kookai brand, meaning the calibre of the show was set from the word go.

As the 18-strong parade of models showed off Kookai’s collection featuring a range of fabulous textured fabrics such as leather, lace and many an item that sported the for-many-out-of-favour ‘wet’ look, in a range of key looks of suits, shirts and skirts alongside hero pieces the likes of unique feminine fedoras and caps. Made of leather. The shiver is still quivering down my spine.

Typically Kookai’s prints are only for the few, but their inclusion of graffiti-inspired black and white prints on a range of pieces ranging from leg-to-body wear made a debut that will see great success on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney.


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