What is Paris ’99?


Paris ’99 is a fashion lover’s dream come true.

For admirers of fashion without the hefty price tag, Paris ’99 makes the unattainable for most, attainable; all the while with a glass of champagne, a good conversation and a plethora of reading books in a private library open for the taking.

The baby of Melbourne man Yahav Ron, Paris ’99 has been in operation atop the busy suburban street of Elwood for years now as one of the best highest end designer resellers the city has to offer.

Quietly, but efficiently, Yahav owns and operates the independent retailer, that brings the best of previous season designer clothing to the public for a fraction of the price.

As Yahav puts it, he does’t sell second hand clothes, he sells preloved and in some cases unloved clothes, for the taking by those who have an instant connection with the beauty and allure of whatever catches their eye.

Named after his immortalised memory of his first trip with family to Paris in the year 1999, Yahav’s reminiscence of the fabulous European sense of fashion, the men and women who buy it and the way the world works in the northern hemisphere inspired him to not only study fashion at Melbourne’s RMIT University, but develop his own little slice of Europe in the privacy of his own boutique establishment.

Initially, Paris ’99 operated out of his parent’s house in St. Kilda East.

“I’d have people over and I’d wheel out racks upon racks of clothes that they’d look through while we chatted and drank champagne and nibbled,” explained Yahav.

“Then eventually they’d buy something and my family would be allowed to take control of the house again,” he laughed.

That was back before Yahav’s widespread success began.

As a young child growing up in Melbourne after having moved here from his birth place of Israel, Yahav had fashion in the blood and on the brain.

As a meek mid-teenager, he’d pay regular visits to the, then, only fashion precinct in Melbourne at the Crown Casino complex. Here he’d find Prada, Gucci and the like and go meticulously flicking through the racks of designer pieces, inspecting their stitching, fabric, price points and everything else that made them the shining beacons of fashion that he saw them as.

“I was always very respectful and I’d be sure to put everything back the way it was and treat it all with great care,” said Yahav.

He was often mistaken as a Prada employee by passing customers he so looked the part.

Clearly, his career was a natural evolution.

After a few years in his university degree, Yahav uprooted himself from all that was good and familiar and migrated to Belgium for a time, basing himself in Antwerp.

Here, he worked for the likes of A.F. Vandevorst and the MoMu Fashion Museum, while experiencing the wonderment of meeting and greeting some of the most well-known faces in European fashion and for the next eight months, Yahav worked on tasks like his first Paris Fashion Week.

Yahav cut his teeth in fashion weeks with on two full women’s fashion weeks and one men’s, which he affectionately recalls as being ‘the one where they all used jersey’, which to him at the time was a bit backward. “But it still worked,” he laughed.

Today, Yahav has taken what he learnt from his schlepping around Belgium and Paris and operates his high end designer resale boutique with much help from international connections.

With monthly scheduled Skype dates with his overseas suppliers and hunters, Yahav approves and rejects the vintage and at times, brand new pieces he will import.

After paying a reasonable price for their secure, he ships them over and stocks them in his copiously spaced and stocked – but all the while immaculately presented – showroom.

Working with only bookings and dedicated clients that love and care for fashion and clothing as much as himself, Yahav is a diamond in the rough of Melburnian and Australian brick and mortar retail.

Turning the preloved and brand new into the desirable and sought after, Yahav is one to visit.

Paris ’99 can be found at 4/6 Ormond Road, Elwood, VIC. Contact Yahav on 0424 583 409 to make an appointment.

See Paris ’99’s website here.

Some of the books at Paris 99






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