The Wise officially opens its doors

One chef is Greek. The other Spanish. Two fiery and interesting cultural backgrounds that clash in both the real world and the marriage that in this case binds these two, adding nothing but a flavoursome zest to the food they produce and the ambience of High Street in the Chapel Street Precinct’s funkiest shopping and eating regions.

Having been open and in quiet operation since late October in 2012, High Street’s latest restaurant addition, The Wise, rivals the ever popular Vietnamese offering of everyone’s favourite Hanoi Hannah with Spanish influence and the charm of a tapas-heavy wine bar by night, café by day.

A small space that focuses on the atmosphere of the tapas bar and restaurant, the place’s earthy feel and grounded reality casts over the venue a homely feel of warmth in the winter and airy coolness in the summer, making it perfect for entertainment, hosting of a party or event or simply worth a visit.

With a menu that harnesses the best of what Spain has to offer accompanied by Greek injections here and there, The Wise not only addresses a bit of a lack in the immediate region, but fills the void of ethnic food and ways of dining that Chapel Street could nothing but use more of.

See their website at this link.

Photos thanks to Anthony Licuria of APL Photography.









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