Goodbye Grazia Australia

In a trend that seems to be rearing its ugly head in Australia, another casualty has been claimed in the gradual demise of Australian fashion and style magazines: Grazia Australia.

After only having been in operation in Australia for five years, the Italian inspired editorial offering succumbed to poor circulation figures and bad sales as well as the need to divert ACP funds to the imminent launch of Elle Australia.

Having churned through editor after editor as one left a bigger and bigger void in sales and progress for the successor to repair, it was clear the magazine was destined for the future it now has ahead of it.

Staff were told today during a meeting at lunch time, the reception of which wasn’t of great surprise.

The magazine’s disappearance from Australia’s media landscape heralds the first major loss for German publishing company Bauer Media, who last year purchased Australia’s iconic publishing house ACP Magazines for $500 million.

Grazia’s goodbye leaves thirty jobless.

Bubye Grazia; it’s been fun.

Grazia Australia

One Response to “Goodbye Grazia Australia”
  1. Sad for the jobless, but there will surely be another publication to take its’ place soon enough!

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