Christina Exie

Sitting demurely in a café, Christina Exie’s presence in the room doesn’t go unnoticed.

She’s alluring with her sweet persona and innocent face, clashing perfectly with her dramatic and clean-cut look that is only too familiar with the Melbourne vibe.

It’s no wonder she was so successful in her stint on the country’s most prized entryway into the national fashion industry, Project Runway Australia.

From a young age, she always knew where she was heading.

Christina was born of a woman who had set herself up a designer and creative, so there was never any denying that Christina was destined for greatness. Only as a child she never quite knew what that would mean. Now she does.

The Melburnian fashion designer of her namesake label has a newfound confidence, a stronger drive than ever before and plans to conquer thanks to her time on the TV program, which has seen so much great success before her. It’s only a matter of time, she says, until even bigger things come to fruition.

Christina Exie is a label that houses more artworks than collections of clothing. A couture craftswoman and with such striking and pedantic attention to detail, Christina, it is safe to say is a couturier of high quality and finesse.

“I like to think of the work I do more as artwork than fashion design,” she said, “but there’s definitely still that element in there.”

Christina’s focus on the construction of her pieces, the story that runs behind them and from where she gathers her ideas are the prime focus of the pieces she creates for her couture label.

“I’ve always made one-off pieces that you can see more as art than fashion,” she said. “Even in Project Runway, I wanted to try new things and come up with new ways of designing and constructing.”

Despite her drive and passion for her own creative process, she admits, it can be a lot harder than it seems.

“Trying to rehash old ideas and come up with new techniques is half the fun… I’ve always worked as an artist and developed a concept, but sometime you have to just go back to what you know.”

Christina gathers her inspiration from anything that speaks to her on a personal or emotional level. Always gathering her influences from water and energy in most of her collections, they are a celebration of natural elements and sci-fi, which she says fits perfectly with the Melbourne aesthetic.

“I’m really affected by my surroundings and my style, I think is something that just eventuated. I pick up on trends and everything, but try to steer clear of them,” she said. “I like to think that being in Melbourne has influenced the way I design, which is good because they are the people who buy my work.”

Carrying through everything she sets her mind to, the next twelve months will see an exciting time for the young designer whose work has overflowed into a new venture.

Until it’s time to unveil, the wants to keep it a surprise, she was adamant with a cheeky grin.

From her national success, Christina has nothing but more work, more ventures and more success in her sights.

As Christina progresses, her couture label hums along in the background and her dreams of international expansion and migration potentially move closer and closer.

The designer rests assured that design is forever in her blood.

See more at her website:

Christina 2

Christina Exie

Christina Exie

Christina Exie

Christina Exie

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