nANA jUDY, meet Pepsi (+ giveaway)

Nana Judy

Everyone’s favourite alternative to the sugary – and likely equally as bad for you – Coka Cola, Pepsi has recently joined forces with one of the country’s most so-indie-it-hurts labels nANA jUDY to spice up their latest release.

Pepsi Next is the company’s new breed of soft drink, sweetened naturally with something called stevia, which is a north and south American sweet herb. Taste sensation.

Not that I can see the brand alignment at all, but Pepsi Next in conjunction with the label has produced a range of limited edition designer t-shirts for fans of the drink and the label.

To celebrate, I have a few shirts to give away to some lucky readers. Simply comment on this post as to why you love nANA jUDY in 50 words or less. The most entertaining answer will win! Competition closes 11:59pm AEST on 26 February 2013.

I had a quick word nANA jUDY’s director, Glenn Coleman who shed some light on the collaboration:

Why did you collaborate with Pepsi Next?

Pepsi Next is a new take on Cola, they are doing something different and we liked what they are doing – it gave
us the idea to bring a fresh approach to something familiar Pepsi designs we’ve grown up with. It’s what we
continually do with our collections, designing timeless pieces with a new twist.

How much creative freedom did you have in the design process?

From the outset Pepsi Next just got it. They were on the same page, giving us creative freedom to design two
concepts with on-trend fashion forward fits.

Tell us more about the new Pepsi Next concepts?

We decided to design two concepts as we got a little excited! The first is all about having fun, which is a huge
part of our lifestyle. We were inspired to get creative with textures and loosely re-drew the Pepsi logo to give it a carefree feel and evoke memories of kids’ colourings. The second we superimposed a photo of an underground Melbourne warehouse into the Pepsi Next logo, before applying a cracked technique over the design to distress it, grunge it up and give it a rock feel.

Coming from Melbourne, what kind of impact did the local scene have on your designs?

I grew up in Sydney and moved to Melbourne with a friend when I was 18. Not knowing anyone else, I became
immersed in Melbourne’s underground scene, meeting new people and experiencing a new culture that
reflected largely on my life and the designs I created. I continually find inspiration through my own experiences, which makes up a huge part of the culture of the brand.

When you started in 2006, your launch into the underground scene came with almost immediate success. Why do you think Australia took to the label so quickly?

nANA jUDY launched when I was 19 and was immediately stocked in key retailers and leading boutiques and
quickly gathered a cult following. The men’s fashion market needed something new and men really wanted
to express their individuality and style. As I was young, there was no one guiding me or telling me what to do,
which was perfect as in hindsight, I took more risks. Australia responded really well to this, loving the brand’s attitude and unique spin on men’s fashion and being Australian added credibility.

Your label is inspired by pop culture, vintage reminiscence and the underground scene. How have you incorporated this into your designs with Pepsi Next?

Pop culture, vintage reminiscence and the underground scene is naturally reflected into the designs we create
every season. That whole rock n roll style from the late 60s and early 70s is very nANA jUDY and embodies our
look and vibe, which transcended in the Pepsi Next collaboration. We incorporated this rock feel into the Pepsi
Next design by doing something left-of-centre, not using the traditional logo on a tee, to create a design you can wear anywhere.

2012 has been a big year for nANA jUDY with an expansion into women’s wear. How has the response been from fans since the launch?

There has been huge demand for nANA jUDY to launch women’s wear into the market and since doing so with
HEART, the response has surpassed our expectations. HEART by nANA jUDY is very much a culture, as well as a
street fashion label and people have really understood that. The collection is very ‘rock inspired’ street wear that has an on-trend look featuring a large denim collection with conceptual pieces in premium fabrics and unique colour palettes. In its second season, it is already stocked nationally and is now launching in Europe.

What’s it like to be a designer in Australia at the moment?

Australian fashion is renowned for its different style and due to the small population in Australia, trends come
and go a lot quicker, forcing Australian designers to continually evolve to stay in touch with the market. With
the increasing access to labels around the world online, Australian fashion now has to push the boundaries to
compete and offer more variety.

What’s the best thing about your job?

It’s very rewarding working in the Australian fashion industry as you get to see your ideas and creations come
into reality. It’s also being able to work with a young, passionate and creative team.

You’re already in such high demand here in Australia. What’s next for nANA jUDY?

We are focused on building the brand and are launching across Europe this fall/winter 2013. Expanding
internationally has been the natural progression and next step of our brand. We recently signed a distributor in
London and Germany and we will be showcasing at Bread & Butter in Berlin this January.

Any tips for aspiring indie designers?

The biggest challenge in the industry is hard work! Anyone who is in the design industry will say that hard work is one of the biggest survival traits. You need to put your heart and soul into your work to not only survive,
but to keep leading the pack. It is so important to live and breathe your work; to see the overall vision for your brand, your customer, your buyer.

These are limited edition shirts and only 100 have been produced. However lucky Pepsi Next fans can get hold of
them via the fan page

Pepsi Next

5 Responses to “nANA jUDY, meet Pepsi (+ giveaway)”
  1. Cameron Osiurak says:

    Nana J bringing the goods again… Who would of thought a mainstream brand logo on a so-indie-it-hurts threads…. All the hipsters be drinking Pepsi now!

  2. Jasmine says:

    A-head of fashion pack
    N-umber 1


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