I believe a good pair of undies should be a stylish extension of a man’s penis

The closest thing to a man for the most part of any given day, other than himself, is his underwear.

It knows his most intimate parts and appendages and realistically endures quite the battering from the most uncouth of individuals.

Commonly, underpants aren’t a spoken about thing. They’re buried under piles of garments when passing through the checkout, stuffed below the waists of our jeans and trousers and more often than not hidden from plain view – as they rightfully should be – excluding the practices of the most zealous of self-indulgent gym-going homme or promiscuous homosexual.

It’s high time the underpants and not only their existence was brought to light, but celebrated in no more a fitting forum the comparison of their comfortability, durability, material and aesthetic on the fashion blog of one such long time wearer…

1) Mensfit

Publicly represented by model, TV personality and all ’round everywhere face , Dider Cohen, the brand is going places and has already covered plenty of ground along the way.

Launched in 2003 by Bruno Schiavi, Mensfit sources the most advanced textile production technologies in men’s underwear that will keep the body’s shape and not lose its own. With constant injections of new fresh, colourful designs to each new collection their main principle is that underwear should be expressive, fun and above all, bold.

Didier Cohen for Mens Fit

Make your purchases here: www.mensfit.com.au

2) Aussie Bum

A celebration of Australian made goods, supporting the economy and Australian design, the Aussie Bum brand stands proud both domestically and overseas.

Strong waist bands, sturdy cotton and an exciting range of vivid and exciting colours make each collection of Aussie Bum an aesthetic feast of contemporary underwear design that draws from both the modern day and old hat Australian culture and practice.

With a kinky range to suit the most adventurous of man both straight or gay, married or single, the brand keeps things interesting constantly whilst forever teasing consumers both new and old with enticing photo shoots and look books. Each price range of each respective collection is reflective of the time, effort, care and quality of each piece of Aussie Bum’s offering, which both exercises the bank account easily and renders most wearers only too happy to flash a bit of above-the-waist product placement.


Make your purchases here: www.aussiebum.com

3) 2 (X)IST

Always on the forefront of undergarment style, ergonomic design and quality, the 2(X)IST collection features all mandatory wardrobe inclusions for even the most conservative wearer, while taking into account firm support and freedom of movement simultaneously.

In a range of colours and catering to all major events of the calendar, 2(X)IST is a great label not easy to pass by.


Make your purchases here: http://shop.2xist.com

4) 2Wink

A hugely strong sexual innuendo seems to drive the 2Wink brand. Founded in 2005 by two Australian men, the brand’s underpant and swimming gear offering is of top Australian-made quality and reputation. It’s just that fact alone that brings the brand a great name Australia-wide; the fact they’re made downunder.

Designed with aesthetic impact in mind and catering largely to the gay population, 2Wink feature namely loud pop colours and flattering designs that appeal to their market perfectly.


Make your purchases here: www.2wink.com.au


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