How to spice up your suit

Five tips on how to add interest to your work wear

For many, our work clothes get more wear time than the rest of our wardrobe.

But just because they may be required to fit into the corporate bland aesthetic that is forced upon us by our office job rules and regulations, doesn’t mean they need to be strictly that.

While the sun is shining and good moods are out in full force,  why not make your work wear more exciting with these five simple tips on how to add a little something to your work attire.

1.       Add colour.

When it comes to suits, black and grey tend to be the most popular colour choice, which are totally bland and boring.

Investing in a range of shirts in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns is not always the most cost-effective, but definitely the most exciting way to add colour and a point of difference to your outfit.

I’ve found that GloWeave and Herringbone have a great selection of office appropriate shirts on offer, including bright and slim-fitting options. If you’ve got the slim body shape to make these happen, they remain a popular choice this season. For those who struggle with keeping a figure under wraps, a typical regular fit will do just fine; simply remember to focus on a more adventurous colour and texture and the world is your oyster.


2.       Choose some trendy cufflinks.

Please never underestimate cufflinks and their ability to add subtle detail to your outfit; they may just be the item your outfit is missing. Even though they are small, cufflinks are a major player when it comes to personalising your shirt as a standalone and the suit overall.

For something different, choose cufflinks that are an unusual shape or feature a contrasting pattern or colour. Just make sure they’re not grotesquely out of step with your whole look or too clashy in a bad way and you’re set.


3.       Make your shoes stand out.

Statement shoes are a great way to add another dimension to your suit.

Instead of opting for plain black, try lighter colours such as grey or tan to add contrast to a grey or navy suit. For the more leary, there are some great options are some Australian shoe shops the likes of Squire Shoes. It is important to try to match your shoes with your outfit, so add a belt in a similar colour tone or texture to your shoes for uniformity and attention to detail.

Next time you’re on the market for work shoes, my favourites Aquila and Squire Shoes have a fantastic range of boots, lace-ups and other options available.

Aquila shoe Squire

4.       Change up your tie.

Ties are the office worker’s staple; so choosing the right tie can inject a level of corporate stylishness that you cannot go past.

Add interest to your outfit by alternating your ties and shirts.


– colour clashing is good

– dots go with everything

– never wear stripes-on-stripes

– always try to choose a darker tie: white, cream or very light colours are atrocious

Skinny ties are the fallback of the uncreative, so if all else fails a black skinny will save the day.


5.       Attention to detail.

Brightly coloured shirts and ties aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

Choose a suit that offers something different – try seasonal hues of steel blue-grey or a bronze. Politix offer expertly tailored and perfectly finished suiting, with satin and contrast trims, coordinated pocket kerchiefs, and mix or match variety.

And for the more adventurous, you can team this with some bold shirting, trilby hats and polished accessories for more different attention to detail.

These tips are courtesy of Uni Hill Factory Outlets and their range of fashion retailers. For more information visit or like them on Facebook.


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