All you need is hope


I’m normally not one for charity.

I’m one of those prudish, prickish cynics that doesn’t believe the money raised goes to the charities whose names have been lent to the fundraiser, nor the very people the fund-raising is meant to benefit.

However, the MO behind the Bands4Hope program seems to be slightly more substantial than most, having adopted an interesting social media and socially conscious method of raising funds for charities to inspire actions of good faith and hope. I think it’s worth a shot.

In a nutshell:

> Not-for-profit
> A gift that keeps giving
> Pass it on
> Track journey online
> Encourage acts of kindness
> 10% straight to charity
> Gathers donations forever
> Ethically handmade in Africa
> Supports Zimbabwean families
> Inspired by African tribes
> Empowering copper & zinc
> Free delivery worldwide

Ethically sourced and created wrist bands made in Zimbabwe from copper and zinc mark the crux of this charitable drive, all of which have a unique trackable ID that allows the wristband to be passed from person to person and tracked online, spreading hope by encouraging people to do  Actions4Hope [acts of kindness] and raising donations for your chosen charity for years to come.

The project has been successful so far with such international names as Vivienne Westwood, The Temper Trap, Lily Cole and Annie Lennox being spotted wearing Bands4Hope.

In the words of the guys who founded the project, it’s like, “a charity band that keeps on giving and gets better with age! A modern day message in a bottle! Hope spreading wrist candy!”

See here for more information:



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