Competition: Moment Watches


During my time travelling overseas recently, I collected many perfect moments – good food, good people, and brilliant places.

At some point when I am travelling, whether it is for work or leisure, I stop and realise how lucky I really am and it’s at that point in time that I try to take a snapshot of that memory to hold onto.

I guess it was moments similar to these points in time that inspired the creators of Moment Watches to develop a line of products based on stories from people around the world who wanted to capture a feeling and be reminded of it.

The watch designers will impressively be releasing one product every week for a year, forming the “Year of 52 Moments” line, all of which will be inspired by stories and illustrations sent to the brand through its Facebook page.


To celebrate the Moment Watches “Year of 52 Moments” campaign, I have one Moment Watch to give away to one of RR’s lucky readers.

Moment Watches is the world first global watch brand who set out on the ambitious task of producing one new watch every week for a year, featuring 52 personal stories translated into modern watch aesthetics.

“Year of 52 Moments” watches will feature shared personal stories from across the globe. Anyone is welcome to participate, by registering through and sharing their stories with Moment Watches and their community.

Moment watches will choose the stories to be showcased and form a design partnership to produce limited edition watches. As momentum builds, the ‘Year of 52 Moments’ campaign aims to inspire global conversations where special moments and life experiences can be shared with a global community of like-minded people.

The campaign launched on Christmas Day 2012 and already have six watches produced.

To be in with your chance of winning a “Year of 52 Moments” watch visit and tell them your favourite watch so far, along with your “perfect moment” in 25 words or less.

Moment Watches is currently offering 30% off. If that’s not exciting enough they’re also offering our readers an exclusive discount of an additional 5% off. Simply visit and enter S0AR at the checkout.

The journey is yours. The time is now. Create Your Moment.

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