Australia welcomes Ellen

In March, Australia will welcome one of America’s biggest names in television, Ellen DeGeneres.

Move over Oprah.

The pro-equal rights activist, comedian, actor-come-talk show host celebrity whose name rose through the ranks of television to international fame, bolstered only by her same-sex marriage to Australian actress Portia De Rossi, Ellen will head down-under (cringe) to spruik two of Australia’s most successful names in two wildly varying industries.

Swisse and Qantas, the vitamin and air carrier companies respectively have jumped on board the Ellen bandwagon to get her down to Australia and welcome in the vitamin’s expansion to the US.

In typical Ellen style, her audience all naturally won tickets themselves, who will accompany her downward.

Tourism Australia’s no doubt wetting of their proverbial knickers over the tourism opportunities this will bring will no doubt outshine the hype that Oprah’s visit in 2011 made for Australia on the global stage.

In terms of fashion, you can only assume the typical Converse Chucks, waistcoat and shirt look will be sported by the celebrity, whose look is synonymous with not only her own brand, but what she stands for and promotes.

Watch the announcement video here:

Ellen 2


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