Food, cars, horses and champagne. Chukkas!

Photo courtesy the Courier Mail

This January, Melbourne’s gorgeous Mornington Peninsula will find itself abuzz with excitement over the infamous and annual Jeep Portsea Polo.

Again in 2013 sponsored by leading automotive giant The Fiat Chrysler Group and its favourite brand Jeep, the Portsea Polo will also be hosting a new face to take the games to the public, celebrity chef Ben O’Donohue, who has recently been signed as the brand’s ambassador.

This coming 12 January, people from the country-over will descend upon Portsea for the Polo event with those guests of Jeep being treated to O’Donohue’s simple, distinctive and inspiring dishes true to his style of cooking.

“I can’t wait to get behind the Jeep Grille and serve dishes that are true to my style of cooking – simple fare with a strong focus on fresh flavours,” he said.

Jeep’s mantra Don’t Hold Back is a perfect fit for the behaviour of the Portsea Polo players as well as the tenacious Queensland culinary king whose sense of adventure, authenticity and passion indicate a forward and exciting kitchen master.

O’Donohue will be showcasing his grilling skills for guests of the Jeep Grille at the Jeep Portsea Polo at 1.30pm on Saturday 12 January 2013. He’ll then tour with the Jeep National Polo series, which will see his skills in the kitchen treat guests as far as WA, NSW and his hometown Queensland.

For more information on the Jeep Portsea Polo, see this link:

Portsea Polo 1

Portsea Polo 2

Portsea Polo 3

Portsea Polo 4

Portsea Polo 5


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