L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s 2013 campaign launch

In a hoopla that was not to be missed, the team behind the annual L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival launched their grand plans for the 2013 LMFF campaign and what a sight it was.

A very recent adaptation into the world of digital image splicing saw the LMFF official TVC and other promotional paraphernalia wow the crowds as video speeches by CEO Graeme Lewsy, the chairman of the board and other head honchos gave their thanks and made praise of the hard work and dedication of the LMFF team, plans for the future, the excitement of the current campaign and the revelation that thanks to the Victorian Government, the festival’s operation for the next five years uninterrupted.

The LMFF will again incorporate its consumer-savvy, fashion forward modus operandi in an effort to aid retailers and deliver solutions to their economic success.

The campaign was shot by one of Australia’s leading photographers Derek Henderson and styled by Jolyon Mason. Different to last year, the LMFF team has scrapped the ‘faces of LMFF’ aspect, which in 2012 saw the faces of some of Melbourne’s ‘style icons’ adorn flags and drapery around the city.

In exciting news, the recent revamp of the LMFF website has taken place, which is a brilliant step-up from the previous.

This year’s festival will consist of the regular opening event, L’Oreal Paris runways, a month-long cultural program, cultivate emerging talent and include its ever-useful business of fashion seminars for the business and financially conscious.

Needless to say, we can’t wait til March 2013.

Purchase tickets to LMFF 2013 at the link below.

Buy LMFF tickets here



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