Be. Fresh, Be. Luscious, Be. Breezy

Be. Fresh; The mantra of the current spring summer season and something that newly launched wine varitetals from Be., has taken under its wing and breathed new life into.

In fitting with the warmer spring weather Melbourne is now accustomed to, the winery launched its three latest additions to its offering, which are all about matching the moment.

Targeted at young ladies – or the young lady in all of us – the Be. varietals of sauvignon blanc, moscato or rosé or “Be. Fresh”, “Be. Luscious” or “Be. Breezy” respectively are all designed to bring people together; whether for a first date, night with the friends or the calm before the storm (pre-drinks).

Definitely a wine for the celebratory party goer in the warmer spring months, the Be. Fresh style oozes confidence, freshness and a party atmosphere. It’s no wonder the launch held atop the Tonic House on Melbourne’s Flinders Lane was bedecked in such pastel finery with details sorted to the very nub.

Each wine, interestingly enough bares its own personality, revolving heavily around colour palettes that reflect each Be. girls’ personality and attitude when paired with her wine of choice.

Be. is pushing their message of style and personality home by creating three to-the-point video tutorials on how to create the “Be. Breezy”, “Be. Luscious” and “Be. Fresh” looks. See it here:

A little bit more about Be.

Be. Fresh sauvignon blanc – RRP $12.99

A dynamic sauvignon blanc that energises tastebuds with aromas of tropical fruit, melon and passionfruit.

Be. Luscious moscato – RRP $12.99

Fresh, sweet and grapey with a light effervesence that dances on the tongue.

Be. Breezy rosé – RRP $12.99

Keeps things light with aromas of freshly pickled cherries and strawberries.

For more information visit,, or

Thanks to Katerina Anna for her event photography.

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