Whitehouse’s Graduate Parade 2012

In fitting with what is typically and notoriously Melbourne’s aesthetic, two institutions come to mind that reign supreme over those of others and the self taught.

The Whitehouse Institute of Design is one of those institutions that are synonymous with talent, skill and an eye for design in its students that is rarely surpassed.

With the year 2012 coming to a close, students of the illustrious design school that operates throughout Melbourne and Sydney have been – in their words – sleep-deprived dragons over the final few weeks of their courses as they prepared their final graduating collections for assessment and presentation.

In a graduate runway that spanned over an hour-and-a-half on a warm and blistery Wednesday night, students’ work was warmly received by media and fashion admirers the city over.

Interestingly, the colour palette of choice in 2012 was not colour, vibrancy and movement as it was in the year preceding, rather wholly monochromatic with hints of colour and activity depending on each respective, now qualified, designer.

The typically Melburnian structured and freeform draping commanded most attention as models paraded collections inspired by the darker side of inspiration such as morticians and the tormented. Conversely, colour did make quite the impact amidst all the black with print work and dip dying that reinstated the fact we are in fact in the spring-summer season.

Regardless of the collections created and inspiration drawn, the work of the graduating student designers from Whitehouse were inspirations in themselves and certainly gives a wonderful insight into the life the fashion industry will have in years to come.


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