How to chose the right sunglasses to suit your face shape

With the sun creeping through the clouds, weather warming up and the constant push by society for us to have no wrinkles, look eternally youthful and take care of our faces, it makes perfect sense that ’tis the season to wear sunglasses.

In light of this, I thought it a handy idea to put together a list of what sunglasses types – because god knows there are thousands – suit which shaped head – again; thousands.

Thanks to Sunglass Hut at Uni Hill Factory Outlets, I’m throwing some shade over the topic of how to keep your eye balls safe this summer season.

When choosing some new shades for the coming summer, consider the shape and bone structure of your face to help keep you looking super chic with a style perfect for you.

Round Faces are equal in width and length, have soft curves and few angles.

TIP: Go for sunglasses that will generate the impression of length and make your face look thinner. Rectangular styles and sunglasses that are wider than your face are best for round faces, as they add definition. Something along the lines of Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer styles may work; the best thing is that they are not going anywhere any time soon!

Faces generally have a narrow forehead and jaw, high cheekbones and a somewhat narrow chin.

TIP: Best to avoid overly small frames as they can make your face look bigger than it is. Other than that, most frame styles and shapes suit oval faces so you are good to go! Try adding some spice with a pastel or tortoise shell frame for added interest.

 Faces commonly have a wide forehead and jaw, high cheekbones and a slender chin.

TIP: Shy-away from frames that lie above your eyebrows. Opt for on-trend cat-eye and rounder styles, as they will help to provide balance. Dolce & Gabbana’s divine cat eye frames, available at Sunglass Hut could do the trick.

Square Faces are generally defined by a distinct jaw, square chin, and broad forehead.

TIP: Try round and oval sunnies they will help to highlight your features, but avoid thick frames as they can be a bit harsh.

Thanks to Sunglass Hut at Uni Hill Factory Outlets in Melbourne. For more information visit: or like them on Facebook


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