The Melbourne Cup 2012

Feeling like you’ve stepped out of one world and into another isn’t typically something easily achieved; but Irish dancers, old world decor and quaint waiters with cheesecutters and beige tweed made light work of that upon entering the Emirates Marquee at the Melbourne Cup.

Library bedecked walls and Irish attractions of all shapes and sizes, including renditions from Christine Ayres school of Irish Dancing entertained an eclectic mix of guests ranging from the TV realm to that of supermodel stardom and socialite faces about town.

Melbourne’s inescapably awful weather laid the mugginess of a typical spring day of late on thick and fast with occasion bouts of slight downpours that heralded a wail of panic from not only the Birdcage, where thousands of dollars of hair and makeup laid bare to the tulutuous weather, but in general admin, the Rails and as far back the nursery.

That’s not to say though, that all was bad. Horse trainers, jockeys and bookmakers all relished in the dampness of the track, which – so I’m told – is said to have done nothing but benefit the speediness and racing aptitude of most of the horses on field.

Myer’s 50th year of Fashions on the Field attracted a bulging crowd to no surprise and some outfits so outrageous they bordered on the cusp between fashion forward and damn ridiculous. Regardless, to each their own.

Myer dubbed designer Craig Braybrook, a Melbourne name in fashion for many a year now, Project Runway Australia face and man about town the winner with his designed-in-three-days yellow and white peplum dress. Winning hearts, the outfit’s model Mary Vitinaros presented the piece in a perfectly professional presentation that attracted her not only the envious eyes of onlookers but the attention of majority of Emirates’ guests that begged to admire Craig’s handiwork.

Thanks to Fresh Photography and Cecylia for images.


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