Quality wristwatches of Swedish finesse

Men’s Classic Bristol with brown leather strap, $229

It’s not often that a person has such a profound impact on another that their life, story, character and style is transcribed into a product that is likely to outlast the span of their lifetime.

That is unless of course your name is Daniel Wellington and you happened across a Swede by the name of Filip Tysander who fell so in love with your being that he did just that.

So is the story of Daniel Wellington, a Swedish watch label that plays on traditional notions of fashion and style for men, while channeling it through to the wristwatches they create.

Daniel was in the British Army, so developed a penchant of sorts with pieces of military ‘style’ (if you will), such as the Nato strap and practical but minimal design, which he carried through to his own personal gentlemanly style.

The Daniel Wellington wristwatch brand stayed true to the man’s inclination and has designed a range of wristwatches that use both the Nato strap – the nylon strap often used by divers over their wetsuits thanks to their durability and to avoid rust – and classic leather straps to maintain a classic look and style, with a wholly preppy overtone to the whole collection.

Their vision is for every person with a clean-cut, wholesome and preppy style to finish and complement their outfit with a Daniel Wellington watch.

With the preppy look a thing of great popularity, especially in Australia’s warmer months once the spring racing carnivals, polo and constant living by the beach settle-in, it’s no wonder that the Daniel Wellington label is looking to expand to our lovely country down under and has already penetrated the market via The Iconic and their own online retail website at www.danielwellington.com

With offerings for both men and women, the quality, aesthetic and operation of the watches are really second to none. I was lucky enough to have received one myself all the way from Uppsala, Sweden, which I wear everywhere. It made its first debut at the Caulfield Cup in Melbourne recently and almost hasn’t come off since!

To celebrate their relatively recent introduction to Australia, they’re also offering readers a 15% discount on Daniel Wellington watches for men and women by simply entering the discount code below.

Discount code: james

Follow Daniel Wellington Watches on Twitter @DWatches.

Men’s Classic Nottingham with Nato strap, $195

Lady’s Classic Sheffield with black leather strap, $199

Lady’s Classic Winchester with Nato strap, $175

One Response to “Quality wristwatches of Swedish finesse”
  1. Rockaaaa says:

    Such a beautiful watch! if you need to find some more obscure watch makers check out stagfashion.com

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