How Two Live: Stef and Jess Dadon

When your sister and best friend is on the other side of the globe, what better way to keep in touch than with a blog, a passion that joins you and an insatiable appetite for clothes that is readily and easily met through a serious shopping addiction?

The Dadon girls, Jess and Stef asked themselves that exact question and so created their blog How Two Live in July of 2012, which is a running commentary on the lives of the sisters from opposite ends of the earth, a way for them to keep in touch and a document of what they wore, where they went and who they saw.

The sisters are born and bred Melbourne girls. Stef has relocated to Paris for the remainder of the year to study French and immerse herself in the global centre of fashion, leaving her sister Jess to lead the Melbourne life they both love so much.

“We both love Melbourne and while we can see ourselves living in many other places all over the world – favourites are Sydney, LA, Paris and London – we know we’ll always end up back here,” they said.

Despite the sister’s almost identical appearance, they actually don’t share a birthday, telling most people that they’re actually four-and-a-half years apart in age. They put people’s confusion down to the fact that their bond and friendship is easily confused for being as close as what twin sisters’ would be.

“We’ve been extremely close since we were little, maybe even more so than if we were twins because we haven’t been forced to share everything,” they said.

Jess and Stef are huge believers in making things happen for yourself and so have had a lot to do with fashion over the past few years. Between the both of them, they’ve had internships at Sportsgirl, Sussan, volunteered for fashion weeks, fashion shows and various other events around the world, knowing that experience comes from a lot of volunteering and working for free.

“If you want to get into the field, you really just need to take whatever opportunities come your way,” they said.

Of course, they’re only too happy to sacrifice time and work for free if it means feeding their shopping addiction in any way they can.

“We have a slight shopping addiction, which explains why our wardrobes are so extensive,” they laughed. The sisters love to try a bit of everything when it comes to fashion, opting more often than not for the high street brands because of their affordability and inclination to be on trend. Labels like ASOS, Sportsgirl and TopShop get them going, as well as other vintage pieces, which they have a never-ending supply of.

Stef once ran her own vintage label called The Up And Comers Fashion Market, which showcased emerging designers and vintage clothing. She managed the market and her studies at RMIT University in Melbourne hand-in-hand, afterwards becoming an ambassador for the course and having featured in the ‘I Am’ campaigns all around town.

The pair do definitely love Australian designers, so they’re always wearing something from someone, and they constantly live for online shopping where they source their international pieces from.

“We would love to dress in high-end brands all the time but they’re so expensive we usually end up with just a designer pair of sunnies here or there,” they said.

Recently the duo attended Paris Fashion Week and were dressed head-to-toe each day by their favourite Australian designers.

The likes of Alice McCall, Friend of Mine, Ixiah, Kate Sylvester, Lilyhart, Miss Unkon, Shakuhachi, Stylestalker and Tigerlily all gave clothes to the sisters, whom attracted some very interested looks from photographers and show-goers outside each parade because of their complementary looks. They’ll never forget some of the hilarious looks from passers-by on their way to and from each show, either.

“We weren’t sure what the response to dressing us was going to be, but we ended up with a whole bunch of unexpected yeses and the day before we flew
to Paris we ended up flying to Sydney to meet with a number of designers,” they said.

Jess and Stef opted for mostly colour in their sartorial arsenal having noticed lots of colour and coloured pieces being sold in every shop, everywhere of late. Despite the fact they most people think they dress in colour a lot of the time, it makes the sisters chuckle knowing it’s something quite new to them.

“We love it! Adding colour to your wardrobe opens you up to so many more options, and it’s another opportunity to dress a little more crazily,” they said.

After the sisters’ studies have finished and their degrees have been secured, they’d like to one day make their childhood dream come true. “Since we were younger we’ve always said we’d one day open the ‘House of Dadon’, a family store where we would run the retail side of things and our brother, Jerome, a barista and owner of Brother Thomas Coffee, would run the café. Now that we’re actually working in fashion it would be amazing to see that dream become a reality. Other than that, hopefully we’ll be doing something we love. And definitely together!” they said.

Jess and Stef love…

Sportsgirl – We love their accessories and add them to pretty much every outfit. We also live for their Chadstone store, it’s like a candy store for grown ups!

Shakuhachi – We’ve followed the label since they started, and every season they seem to just get it right.

Sass and Bide – We love something a little different and they offer just that.

Friend of Mine – This is another label we’ve followed since its inception. They describe their label as effortlessly cool and that pretty much sums it up.

Aje. – An up-and-comer we discovered a couple of years ago. They often do great basics with a twist.

Read the sister’s work at and follow them on Twitter @How_Two_Live

3 Responses to “How Two Live: Stef and Jess Dadon”
  1. Ando says:

    Wow! I think I, like most others, would have thought they were twins.. but four and a half years age difference? Again.. Wow!

  2. cathwa says:

    Oh my! They look AWESOME!!!!!!


  3. Lisa says:

    Recently discovered the How To Live Blog – LOVE it!

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