Get your flesh out for the Red Ocean Mystics

As much as it saddens me, I can’t wear bikinis (not).

But if I could, I’m sure I’d make them look as fabulous as I’m told they make you feel. Take for example the recent photo shoot and collection of that oldie, but goodie Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski, who recently unveiled their latest swimwear collection for women entitled Red Ocean Mystics.

It’s women’s swimwear that’s about as on-trend as you can get with a huge array of prints, both tribal and floral, and about as appropriate for the coming summer months – and hopeful heat – with as much flesh revealed as possible while still maintaining some level of appropriateness.

The Red Ocean Mystics range was created with natural progression and a reconnection with nature in mind. The brand wanted to take it all back to the natural roots of where we come from, focusing on nothing more than the human form, embellished in a way with flattering and aesthetically alluring designs and figure-hugging silhouettes in all the right places. As a side note, it’s an interesting oxymoron to note that life developed in water, which a desert is devoid of, but the raw, rugged terrain of the Northern Territory and the focus on the natural atmosphere of the collection brings a nice tie-in with the collection.

I’d hope to see many women dressed – sort of – in swimwear as daring, but simultaneously subtle this summer season with trends and creativity in mind.

See Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski’s website here.


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