Men’s Biz Dopp Box

For the man who likes to take care of himself but can never be bothered proactively going about it; this is for you.

Australian men’s grooming retailer Men’s Biz has released a quarterly subscription-based grooming pack called the Men’s Biz Dopp Box.

It basically does all the work for men who want to look good, use quality products and have little to absolutely no fuss about it. Given it’s a nightmare to get most men to agree to going to a shopping centre, beautician or chemist to use or purchase products, this creation is perfect as it cuts out essentially any effort on their part.

With four instalments per quarter, the Dopp Box is a steal for the clients who sign-up at $99.95 per drop. Each box contains surprise products for its users so no one knows what’s coming to their doorstep.

The first edition of this Men’s Biz new creation is for the spring season and contains four essential items deemed by the Men’s Biz team. The likes of products from both classic and modern brands – Geo F. Trumper and Truefitt & Hill from England, Triumph & Disaster from New Zealand, and Vitaman from Australia. Each pack is attentively packaged and including guides on how to use each product, it takes the hassle out of grooming.

The Dopp Box comes-in at, as I mentioned $99.95 per instalment or $349 for a year, which comprises four boxes and an undetermined number of surprises.

How fun!

See Men’s Biz’s website here to sign-up:


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