TETTMANN.DOUST and their Parrallel Tensions

Two Melbourne girls, Naomi Tettmann and Elke Doust, founded TETTMANN.DOUST. Their love for the unique, the natural, the obscure and the skillful playing to their chosen life of fashion and design for the betterment of their self-titled label.

Having recently made an impression on the Australian fashion scene in 2012’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, the couple are new, forever improving their technical skills and forever drawing inspiration; all the while demonstrating an ethos that honors imagination, technical excellence and intelligent design.

Their infatuation with artistic practices new and old and their own mastered skill sets, nature, science and the science of nature more so than anything, the TETTMANN.DOUST duo are an infallible force in Melburnian and Australian design in a world where art and science intersect harmoniously.

I spoke with the duo recently for a brief snapshot into their label; this is what they had to say…

The latest collection; Corpus Ephemera?

Corpus Ephemera is our interpretation of the Latin meaning of the words, which are ‘Fragile Bodies’. It relates to the ephemeral beauty of birds and insects, and follows on from our debut collection, Aves Insecta.

This spring’s trends are reflected subtly but effectively in this collection. From where did your inspiration come?

It’s always great when our inspirations and references  run parallel to what’s happening in fashion.

We are not a trend driven label, rather one that focuses on an annual theme, which is explored in a new light for each season. This collection is a study of birds and insects, but focuses on the fragility of their anatomies, their rituals, and the delicate traces that mark the passage of their lives.

It seems more and more designers around Melbourne and Perth are focusing on natural fibres such as silk and naturally sourced leathers. Why the decision to include these in this collection?

Quality is important to us and the use of natural fabrics is one of the ways in which we aim to produce quality garments. It is something that we have never questioned, and it will always be a trademark of Tettmann.Doust.

The duo use the likes of kangaroo and calf leather, bamboo and silk fibres to achieve an aesthetic wholly and solely their own. Combined with hand-worked beading and exceptional tailoring, their garments are a sight to behold.

The spring 2012 season is very print heavy. Are your prints reflective of anything in particular? What inspired them?

Exclusive print and also embellishment, are focal points for us at Tettmann.Doust. And yes, the prints for this season are reflective of the theme of the collection: Corpus Ephemera. They’re all about exploring, in a unique and idiosyncratic way, the ritual and life cycle of insects.

If I were to ask where you saw yourselves and the label in five years, where would that be?

Showing and selling internationally is definitely the dream!

The Corpus Ephemera collection features plenty of black with much structured draping. Why?

We like to show our prints against a backdrop of black. This contrast is a way for us to express our individual aesthetic. Black is another one of our key features, which we work back with other colours featuring dependant on the theme. This particular collection actually doesn’t feature a lot of structure. Rather we have kept it quite soft, sheer and delicate in relation to exploring that concept of fragility within insects.

What makes the quintessential Tettmann.Doust woman?

There is no one Tettmann.Doust woman.  It’s great when women are inspired by our work; and stamp their own style and identity upon our pieces. As designers, that’s a really rewarding experience and inspires us to keep doing what we do.

See the TETTMAN.DOUST website here: www.tettmanndoust.com

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