The brightest Diamant in Sydney’s hospitable crown

As I sat on my king sized bed, testing the springiness of my mattress, softness of my down pillows and lulling after a gastronomic feast of epic proportions from some leading restaurants no further than a stone’s throw away from my then near-comatose location, I knew that I’d found my newest hub in Sydney.

The Diamant (pron. dee-uh-munt) Hotel in Potts Point, Sydney is with no stretch of the imagination a true testament to the effortlessly cool stereotype that Sydney exudes and its hotels play to like children to a lolly jar.

Situated behind the infamous Kings Cross Coke sign – the largest Coca-Cola advertisement permanently affixed to the side of a building I think I’ve ever seen – the hotel stands a proud fixture amongst one of the city’s most chic, creative and cool areas around.

Offering views ranging from the city, to the natural (-ly inspired) and the sides of surrounding buildings for the unfortunate ones, the hotel’s location and size renders it an urban haven of relaxation in the finest style.

The Diamant Hotel is one of those ’boutique’ hotels you hear so much about. Containing 76 modern, spacious and stylishly decorated rooms all decked out in creature comforts, stunning black flocked wallpaper, a mini bar system wired like a bomb to charge things consumed to your credit card and a bathroom that is modest but super stylish, the hotel ticks all the boutique boxes.

Offering courtyard rooms, deluxe rooms, standard rooms, suites, apartments and penthouses, the hotel caters easily to the varying lifestyle choices of its guests as much as their varying bank accounts.

Situated right in the heart of Sydney considers to be its most fashionable and vibrant precinct, the hotel offers access to convenience, good food, great entertainment – both inside and outside of the hotel – and an enviable lifestyle for both corporate and leisurely travellers.

A part of the 8 Hotels Collection, the Diamant is one family member of eighteen around the world from Sydney to Melbourne, Paris to Bali.

I was fortunate enough to have experienced this hotel first hand in a recent whirl-wind trip to Sydney hosted by ASOS Australia. It didn’t disappoint.


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