The Palm Beach Collection candles are soy at its best

An olfactory sensation befitting of the finest of homes and even finer of nasal palettes, the Palm Beach Collection candle range is one for the ages; and mantles.

A sweet aroma of sugary vanilla and sandalwood with a hint of the spiciness and zest of cloves dances effortlessly through the air with each and every light of the impressive life span of a candle so small.

The Palm Beach Collection offers a range of four winning products in a range of fragrances that offer varying degrees of sophistication and a relatively unmatched warm and homely hearth next to which a good cuddle and glass of red wine doesn’t go astray.

With massive offerings ranging from the 1.8 litre spectrum to 400mL candles right down to mini 100mL and essence diffusers, the Palm Beach Collection range is a clean cut, sweet smelling luciferous treat reserved for the masses with money to burn and a penchant for olfactophilia.

See their website and range at:

This article also appeared on StyleZilla.


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