Coast through life using AmexConnect

God knows I don’t trust myself with a credit card. I think the only time I’ll ever ‘invest’ in one is upon my next overseas jaunt and even then I’m pushing it.

However, I was fortunate enough to come across very recently a very nice little sweetener that runs alongside any one person’s respective ownership of a bank issued American Express card, which I have to say, may have just swayed my staunch resistance to the wonderful world of access to money that isn’t mine.

The sweetener to which I refer is that of a brand new club in the online shopping space that provides many a benefit to many an Australian by way of everyone’s favourite get something for nothing notion. Amazing.

This club is called Amex Connect, which fantastically enough, is only a quick, easy and free registration away for every bank issues American Express card holder. Check it out here:

They offer a massive selection of unique gifts whatever the occasion, products and experiences that range from accommodation and travel, entertainment and lifestyle, fashion and shopping and health and fitness; and then some.

AmexConnect best bits:

· AmexConnect offers great deals on Event Cinemas Gold Class tickets – whcih I was recently treated to – and catering so you can enjoy an equally luxurious cinema experience!

· Activating membership is quick and easy at and you won’t be spammed with emails – you choose how much you want to hear about new offers

· provides incredible discounts and a range of exciting experiences for members

I was fortunate enough to recently experience one of the many benefits of what the AmexConnect can do in Sydney at a sickeningly generously catered movie event with me and three friends. An onslaught of gourmet food platters and desserts were brought to us thanks to Event Cinemas Sydney that we struggled to engorge ourselves on while being treated to the aesthetic and visual entertainment of the newest release of 2012’s remake of Total Recall with Colin Farrell.

Needless to say, I’ve been won over. And next time you’re in Sydney, head along to Event Cinemas on George Street in the CBD. It’s an amazing new complex with top notch service and amenities. I’ll go back, without question!

Event Cinemas food round 1

Event Cinemas food round 2

Event Cinemas food round 3

Thanks to the team from Wrights, Melbourne and American Express for setting-up the famil. It was just what we needed.


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