MSFW Tomorrow’s Heroes Show

There are seven designers from Australia that we are to watch over the coming while.

Their aesthetics as unique as their name and the people and faces behind them. They presented their collections at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Tomorrow’s Heroes runway in a mildly whelming array of safe colour palettes and hints of print that set them apart from current seasonal trends and indicate a swift and heavy march to the beat of their own drum.

Standouts for the show were Melbourne based dress label Neo Dia who’re renowned for their ‘standing dresses’ and menswear label Orri Henrisson, which rebutted the heavy feminine slant of the show.

Neo Dia’s inclusion of everything from draping to metallic fibres and embellishments, a heavy focus on the drape and flow of the garment to statement front panels that serve no purpose other than a wow factor, the label is going places at a rapid pace.

With the likes of Catherine Leon, Kinoak, Livia Arena, Pageant and Thursday Sunday to follow, these labels are definitely ones to watch for their clean lines, basic silhouettes and mild print work which act more as embellishments to the overall collections rather than statements on their own.

A heavy focus on a pretty, clean-cut school age look in the collections of Kinoak, Pageant and Orri Henrisson, the notion of playing it safe comes to mind. Admittedly, their colour palettes are the saving grace with the combinations used and floral prints included speaking volumes about the designer’s aptitude for the season and propensity for the masses.

Catherine Leon’s floral and print-on-print inclusions in her collection with vivid pops of cool blues and oranges alongside conservative darker shades indicate a feminine chicness matched predominantly by the clean lines and crisp whites of Thursday, Sunday whose figure hugging forms didn’t go unnoticed.

Thanks to Meagan Harding Photography for her tireless work. See her website here.

Neo Dia

Catherine Leon


Livia Arena

Orri Henrisson


Thursday, Sunday


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