MSFW RMIT Student Runway

It was easy to see where RMIT’s students gained their inspiration from, to what end they were trying to achieve and how they went about doing it at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week RMIT student showcase.

Designer after fourth-year designer brought down the house with each and every piece their models draped effortlessly over their bodies. The photos do the talking.

Inspired by many wide and varied things such as strawberries, rugby players, cabaret and burlesque, futurism, machinery, origami, The Phantom of the Opera, Arabian beauty and seemingly countless other societal tid bits, the students converted their chosen inspiration seamlessly from medium to the runway.

A combination of typically Melbourne attire, black, chunky clothing with equally so accessories endowed the runway with the likes of opening walk by designer Adi Horic, Ines Carmody Fowler, Jovana Margetic and Anastasia McNamara who’s evident inspiration by the bumblebee paratroopers rang all too obvious.

The show was a culmination of all four years of tireless learning and practice by the RMIT students, who will graduate this year, now, with a great achievement and incredible exposure under their belt, paving the way for their no doubt shining future.

Pops of colour were littered throughout the presentation, most namely with the likes of Sharlee Young, Duo Xu, William Meadows, Mia Zielinski, Hannah Fry, Bernadette Francis, and Nixi Killick. Many outfits simply presented colour as a statement or accessory to the overall aesthetic of each designer’s work, with other opting for the greater focus on the warm yellows, blues, reds and greens of the forthcoming spring-summer seasons.

Metallic fabrics, embroidery and panelling across many designer’s works shone through and made impact after profound impact on many of the collections. Bernadette Francis’ work featured shiny suspended embellishments, which carried through as far as Georgia Kate’s work to the designs of Simona Roeder.

Studs are still very much a raging trend at RMIT, with the likes of Simona Roeder’s full shoulder embellishments adding a raging sense of anger to many of her pieces.

Throughout the presentation, it was unavoidable to notice the trend towards origami and paper-like fabrics, which were used both as embellishments such as in the work of Jiwon Anh, Jung Hong and as outfits in the collection of Louis Hazel. The papery fibres and aesthetic of these works were in stark contrast to the likes of Georgia Kate and Ashlea Chong whose incorporated use of PVCs and plastics with undertoned colourations left a lasting impact on the audience.

Each student’s work; incredible, their future; bright and their skill; unmatched.

Adi Horic

Anastasia McNamara

Ashlea Chong

Bernadette Francis

Blake Barns

Duo Xu

Georgia Kate

Hannah Fry

Ines Carmody Fowler

Jiwon Anh

Jovana Margetic

Jung Hong

Kara Lui

Lauren Slaviero

Louis Hazel

Natasha Fagg

Nixi Killick

Sarah Alessi

Sharlee Young

Simona Roeder

Tanya Rapaic

Vladislav Kanevsky

Wei Lan

William Meadows

This article can also be found on StyleZilla.

Thanks to Meagan Harding Photography for her unmatched photographic skills.

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