MSFW Designer Series Show 1

Lui Hon

Metallic everything, structured draping to the nines, fringing, patterns and peplum are all the rage in the collections of some of Australia’s most revered designers.

Scanlan & Theodore, Maticevski, Michael Lo Sordo, Christine, Ellery, Gwendolynne, Aurelio Costarella and Lui Hon all graced the runway in what was a celebration of women’s fashion gone 2013.

Peplum overcoats and blazers draped effortlessly from the models whose fierce makeup complemented most of the colour palette used in each designer’s peplum offering. I’ve never been much of a fan of unnecessary embellishments on the tails of blazers and overcoats, but a hark back to the ancient Greek tunic is a celebration of Australia’s multiculturalism and the demand for women to be able to conceal majority of their derrière.

Similar to what we saw in the Burberry Milan SS12-13 presentation for men, metallic garments, thread and anything that refracts light from any source is the done thing this season. Michael Lo Sordo and Ellery were the main culprits with some of Ellery’s entire garments made from the gleaming material. The unfortunate reality with such garments and materials is that when it comes to people’s skin and somewhat of a perfect harmonisation with their tone, it couldn’t attest to stranger bedfellows.

Fringing is a fun, free and easy embellishment to any outfit. Typically I’d say it should stay just that: an embellishment. However, Lui Hon’s tasteful use of the fabric’s pizzaz as well as Christine’s inclusion as an around-the-neck statement make me both reassess and the feel the need to go and fringe something of my own.

As true to the trend as the day is sunny, prints and the clashing of are a big thing this spring, which surprisingly was only included by Christine. Tribal prints, neons, tasteful clashing and the use of a lovely feminine silhouette throughout were a refreshing addition to the creative parade.

In terms of trends however, there’s something that should be taken underwing. Big shoulders are out. Design repeats – never were in – are out. Dark, depressing make up is out. It’s spring!

Thanks to Meagan Harding Photography for StyleZilla for use of her photos. Watch out for her work all week.

See this link for another story on MSFW Designer Series Show 1 on StyleZilla by me.



Lui Hon

Lui Hon

Toni Maticevski

Scanlan & Theodore



Michael Lo Sordo


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