Pinterest becomes tangible with Highpoint’s style board

Pinterest has got to be one of the biggest wastes of time created for the online social media realm to date.

Admittedly, I can see its relevance: post photos up that interest you, inspire you or to refer back to for later use. I recently used it at my latest visit to the hairdresser, where I pointed-out a nice hair cut being sported by one of Burberry’s runway models for their Spring-Summer 2013 show recently in Milan. It served its purpose (see the show here:

The GPT Group’s Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s west has recently decided to take the principle of Pinterest and apply it in a large installation for the betterment of their shopper’s experience while physically wandering through their large retailer offering.

Located strategically outside the entryway of leading department store retailer Myer, the digital pinboard offers a range of leading retailer’s wares that shoppers can preview and select to compile into their own handy mood board.

This can later be uploaded to social media channels for input from friends for those of us who hate to shop alone, or just prefer a friend’s input. With the capacity for the board to also be emailed to the respective user, shoppers can then go about hunting down their preferred looks and pieces with the board easily accessible to refer back to. Talk about handy.

This technology has been exclusively developed for Highpoint Shopping Centre as part of their large scale overhaul and redevelopment, which will see the introduction of new retailers such as TopShop, a colossal David Jones department store. If you’re curious, read about that here.

See Highpoint’s website here for more information.

2 Responses to “Pinterest becomes tangible with Highpoint’s style board”
  1. Rina Chia says:

    James my love, I totally agree with the opening sentence. xx

  2. Jane says:

    As a newly converted Pinterest fan, I was gutted to see your comment that it ‘has got to be one of the biggest wastes of time created.’ Admittedly I do waste a bit of time on it haha… but you won’t believe how fabulous my Christmas is going to be with the million recipes I’ve found (sucked in by the delicious looking photos).

    It’s great for retailers & hospitality businesses. If you’re browsing and see an outfit you like – click on it, and it will often take you to the retailers website, or a blog about the product! Genius. It’s like window shopping on steroids.

    Rant over. 🙂

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