Yering Station’s design market

Yering Station is to many what represents the epitome of peace, tranquility, wine and the cosier more fine things in life.

Combine that perception with a bit of art, a touch of fashion and a healthy drenching in champagne and you have what will this November be hitting the pristine wine region, the Australian Designer Market.

Some of the country’s most talented emerging designers, alongside some of the regions most fine pieces of sculpture will be showcased at the Yering Station winery to showcase both the gifted talents of some of the State’s best fashion design minds, as well as the handiwork of established and emerging young artists in the annual Yering art exhibition throughout the grounds.

The Market will provide a platform for the young designers to sell their wares to those in attendance on the day before some of the unique pieces become an all-too-familiar name amongst the Australian fashion industry.

With Jane Hayes Consulting driving the day, due to take place on Sunday 25 November 2012, the spectacular Yering Station, which is only a 50 minute drive from Melbourne, it will be the first of what is intended upon being a seasonal event that focuses on supporting and fostering talented emerging Australian designers.

See the Yering website here:


Yering Station, 38 Melba Highway, Yarra Glen, Victoria


1:00pm to 5:00pm


Entry fee of $10.00, which includes complimentary champagne and sweets by Yering’s top chef

One Response to “Yering Station’s design market”
  1. Rina Chia says:

    Sounds (& looks) amazing! I might have to come along 🙂

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