Wrapp your gifts

If there’s one thing in life I’m generally bad at, it’s gift giving.

I struggle with associating things I see in shop windows and displays with the people around me that I know and care for enough to buy a gift ether for an occasion or no apparent reason. That’s why at parties, you’ll usually see me either giving an expensive bottle of something hideously alcoholic, or joining the all-in gift pool, to buy someone something special.

So naturally, as you can imagine, when I caught wind of this new gift giving app called Wrapp, I had nothing to do but get excited.

Wrapp is an online-based gift-giving service, which extends from the computer to iPads, to iPhones and Androids, so all your bases are covered.

It’s a little bit convoluted to understand at first, but basically, Wrapp gives you the option of sending both free and paid-for electronic gift cards to your Facebook friends which they can then redeem at some decent retailers the world over.

Some names in Australia that have jumped on the Wrapp bandwagon are Lorna Jane, Industrie, Ben Sherman, Superdry, Mossimo, Roses Only and Happy Socks, with hopefully many more to come.

Wrapp plays on the notion that for whatever reason, everyone deserves to be ‘celebrated’ at one stage or another. Whether it’s for a birthday, a get well soon occasion, thanks for dinner, or you’re amazing circumstance, Wrapp encourages users to ‘celebrate’ (their term for gift card recipients) your friends.

Once you log-in using your Facebook account, Wrapp searches your list of friends for key dates and milestones, then by spitting-up the most pressing ones that need to be ‘celebrated’, you can arbitrarily go through and send friends gift cards that have either been provided free by the retailer as a starting point, or gift cards that can be added value, which then charges your credit card.

If there’s no particular need for them to receive a gift card, who cares? The free options on offer by the retailers allow you to buy your friend’s love for no reason other than, say, boredom, a belated gift or just to tell them you love them. 

Wrapp founder, Carl Fritjofsson

It’s important to note, however that the free vouchers last for only 30 days, while the ones you let loose on and actually pay for are drawn-out for twelve months, meaning the person you’ve ‘celebrated’ can use your precious money at their leisure.

The system is actually quite straight-forward and is something that will revolutionise gift giving for the thoughtfully inept like myself, as well as make purchasing actual tangible gift cards from these respective retailers so much less of a hassle.

What happens when you send a voucher? The person you’ve sent the voucher to simply receives it on their mobile and can redeem it within any of the participating stores. Easy.

If you need more of a handle on how Wrapp works, watch this short video created by the app’s Swedish designers and founders…

Now, we simply need to wait for others to jump on board, at which point all our birthdays, Christmases and other gift-giving occasions will be Wrapped up in a nice little package.

See their website here, or download the app from the App store.

Example list of who to send a gift voucher to

Example of list of gift vouchers available

Either send the gift voucher for free as the listed value…

…OR add as much value to it as you like!


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