See Ireland, stay in Melbourne

The Spring Racing carnival is on its way!

Winter cannot disappear quickly enough, which means for those of us sartorially obsessed: wardrobe change!

The forthcoming season is disseminating a heavy neon, bright colour and ‘lots of pop’ vibe, which Melburnians should be thrilled to jump on the back of. It will be interesting to see what’s on offer during this year’s Spring Racing Carnival and its Fashions on the Field presentation, which in 2012 has hit its 50th anniversary. We’re no doubt expecting to see some spectacular fashionable highlights this year.

Emirates has recently announced that this year, in honour of its newly introduced one stop flights between Melbourne and Dublin, their marquee at the races will this year be themed after the Western European city with which a supposed six million Australians share a cultural bond with.

Alongside some of Australia’s most successful and admirable Irish dancers from the Christine Ayres Irish Dancing School, who recently won two titles at the World Irish Dancing Championships, the marquee will play heavily on Irish heritage and culture, food and festivities, much to the delight of the guests that will be in the throws of alcohol-fuelled, gambling merriment.

The year 2012 is a very exciting time for the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival with plenty of milestones being hit amidst the festivities. It will be the fifteenth year of Emirates’ involvement, 10 years of the Emirates Melbourne Cup Tour and 50 years of Fashions on the Field.

If, like me, you’re counting down the days already, here are the dates for your diary:

– Derby Day kicks off the Melbourne Cup Carnival on 3 November

– Emirates Melbourne Cup on 6 November

– Oaks Day on 8 November

– Emirates Stakes Day on 10 November.


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