Mimco’s Social Kaleidoscope

All the colours of the rainbow, more patterns and shapes than Mother Nature can make and all the wonderment of the most basic of technologies; kaleidoscopes were the most fun and imagination-inspiring time wasters our childhood could have possessed. And weren’t they awesome?

Now with a designer’s slant, a retail flavour and a purely online existence, they’re back! Only this time around, we’re all a lot older, fatter, less imaginative, a hell of a lot less innocent than when we were children and a lot more fixated on our image and fashion.

Mimco very cleverly has decided to play to the strength of the memory of the kaleidoscope and find a way to seamlessly and effortlessly involve it within our social media lives.

Meet the Mimco Social Kaleidoscope, the label’s latest online offering in conjunction with the launch of its latest collection entitled Kaleidoscope Cinematopia.

Jessica Gomes is the face of the collection which is a quaint and sensationally retro interpreted and inspired collection that is presented through the lens of a vintage movie camera.

Mimco wanted the collection to scream playfulness and sexiness, so thought Gomes would do the collection proud.

To fit-in nicely with the nostalgia of the kaleidoscope, the collection exudes the same sentiment and focuses on the glamour and glitz of the art deco era of the 1920s to the tuxedo days of the Ratpack in the 1960s.

The campaign was shot, again with the eclectic mishmash of the kaleidoscope as the influence, with its mixing of pastel tones, rich colour and summer hues.

The Social Kaleidoscope is a way of socially engaging Mimco’s customers and fan base in an interactive, colourful and nostalgic way. Despite the fact I own nothing Mimco and I turn away from it completely because of its chunky jewellery and irrefutably feminine catering, even I have enjoyed the creation of the odd kaleidoscope here and there. Obviously though, creative design and colour coordination are not my thing.

Log-in with your Facebook account to the Social Kaleidoscope website and get creating! www.socialkaleidoscope.com.au

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