The Eye öf Hörus

I don’t do drag.

Never have and most likely never will. It’s not my thing. And as much as a stunningly beautiful woman I contend I’d make, I don’t think crossing that line in the sand between masculinity and transexuality is quite for me.


I was recently made privy to a unique product in the feminine cosmetics industry that a combination of both my curiosity to make my eyes more than pop for one time only and the name it touted ever so generously over its packaging, made me just need to try for myself.

Yes, I tried eye make-up. What an experience it was.

Eye of Horus certainly awakened by goddess within with its apparently researched ancient Egyptian based formulas and research that comprise the chemical make-up of each of the products I sampled.

Given this was my first (possibly second) experience with facial make-up, I knew only one thing; contrary to common belief, that was not regarding its application, but rather that my sensitive skin wouldn’t take anything cheap, nasty, imperfectly concocted nor containing any harsh chemicals. Therefore, I had an inclination that Eye of Horus might just be – should I ever have needed it – my drag alter ego’s saving grace.

As any mascara is designed to do, the Eye of Horus Natural Mascara definitely accentuated my eye lashes. If there’s one thing you can gauge is the effect of make up on the face of a man. Completely bereft of anything embellishing on my face or eye lashes, they were extended, plumped and blackened within an inch of their life. Talk about making a statement.

My sister, who thankfully accompanied my experimentation also tried the Natural Mascara and was adamant that of all the varieties she’s tried to date within a reasonable price range, this was the lightest and most easy on her lashes. Not to mention the fact it didn’t smudge , clump or run.

The only downside she found to the packaging was that – for her – the mascara could only be applied using plastic bristles, which for her, didn’t provide the spread and depth she preferred compared to natural bristles.

When it came time to de-lash, the make-up was easily removable with warm water.

Let’s get one thing straight; I rocked the smokey eye look. I looked a bit like Ke$ha, but a dark and brooding, slightly more masculine version.

What with? None other than the Eye of Horus Natural Smokey Eye Pencil of course, which contains a multitude of natural and allergen-free products and ingredients that I was astounded to see.

Jojoba and mango seed oil, coconut oil, candelilla wax, shea butter, macadamia seed oil, carnauba wax and Vitamins E and C are all included in the streak-free pencil, which was easily applied, didn’t stick, smudge and gave a very immediate deep black accentuation to my eyes.

In addition to the pencil, on its opposite end features a built-in smudger, which gave me the option of lessening the effect of the eye liner for that more ‘masculine’, smokey-eyed look. If there is such a thing.

One particular product I am completely unfamiliar with is something called liquid define. Upon inspection, the pen reminds me of a felt tip Sharpie pen that threw me back to days of old, rapidly scribing essays in secondary school.

But no, the Eye of Horus Liquid Define pen is not a writing tool but supposedly an apparatus used to achieve a well-defined and remarkably Egyptian themed. Still marketed as a ‘texta’, this is simply used to draw lines on one’s face for impact. Quite a simple concept, really.

Overall, what I love as a man about the Eye of Horus product is the fact that it includes an abundance of natural ingredients, features an alluring name, brilliantly cool logo and is wholly and solely Australian owned and made. Talk about winning me over.

If anything came from this experience it’s that I will happily die having never used make-up again. The amount of time and effort each product takes to apply alongside ensuring a swift jab to the pupil isn’t moments away is phenomenal.

To all women out there who use make-up, I applaud you. To all those who use Eye of Horus, I applaud you more.

Follow Eye of Horus on Facebook or Twitter @horus_mascara.

Buy their product online at their website:


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