It’s all about the bags: Jacki Anderson

Adding exclusivity to beauty, Jacki Anderson works her magic in the craft that has seen her name adorn the shoulders and hands of many a Melburnian woman for practicality and aesthetic stupor.

With a unique aesthetic all her own and an arsenal of uniquely textured fabrics and leathers that she employs to add a certain pizzazz to her pieces, Anderson’s work, which launched recently, leave trends surpassed and affirm themselves in the range of timeless ‘go-to’ pieces that women revert to.

A Melburnian based and educated fashion designer, Jacki draws inspiration from the people around her, all the while harking back to her quality education and creative eye for the appreciation of not only her work, but the work of others that inspire her.

The materials she uses in all of her pieces are unique to her collections and inimitable style. All bags feature a small-to-medium size and are crafted from sensual pieces of finessed leather, all of which are available in vivid colours and enthralling textures.

See her range at

Jacki Anderson and I

Jayne Hayes and Jacki Anderson


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