Are you A[WEAR]?

A witty pun, decadent array of attendees and The Whitehouse Institute of Design recently played host to A[WEAR] 2012,  a presentation of design from some of Melbourne and Australia’s leading designers and labels, both established and up-and-coming.

The aim to raise awearness for the mentally ill and the work of the Prahran Mission was achieved.

The Whitehouse hall was decked-out in white finery, staying true to this winter’ trend for ‘winter whites’. Lighting projections adorned the walls, while bands of Brasilian music with accompanying copiera dancers entertained the throngs of fashion lovers, students, media and designers.

The beauty behind A[WEAR] is its affiliation with the Prahran Mission, which operates by way of giving people who have no place, a place. They work with mentally ill and homeless, multi-problem families and those who’re often cast aside by society.

As the Mission’s general manager of fundraising and community relations, Sarah said, nearly half the population at some time in their life will suffer from a mental disorder and in any 12-month period, every 1-in-5 Australians in 20% of the population will suffer from a mental illness. Realistically, that’s a great deal of people. In light of this, the event’s awareness and funds raising target was surely hit, and it was re-emphasised that Labels are for clothes, not people.

The event was for a brilliant cause and after having raised $7,000 at the previous years’ event a hidden Pratt family member from Melbourne decided to make massive waves and set tongues a chatter with a whopping $20,000 donation on top of her initial five.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a hard barrier to break through next year.

Designers the likes of Gorman, Prussia, Alpha60, Lisa Taranto, Neo Dia and Alexandra Blak were on show and set cameras a flutter as models paraded unique after shockingly unique garment in very authentic Melburnian style.

A pop-up stall also operated before and after the show, offering second-hand vintage buys and designer pieces, fresh from the runway to both generate awareness of the designers themselves and the work of the Prahran Mission.

Many thanks to Kellie Dene and Tish Tambakau from Mister Mode for their artful photographs.


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