Melbourne’s restaurant scene gets new Shus

There’s a new establishment in Collingwood.

No, it’s not a public housing commission building, nor a new warehouse conversion that plays host to innumerable fashion, music and lifestyle events that take place in Melbourne. It is a restaurant and a fine culturally matrimonious one at that.

Shu’s at 147 Johnston St, Collingwood is a modern day take on sichuan cuisine and dining with a lick of Melbourne and a massive whack of industrial decor.

Shu is named after its owner and head chef, Shu. He is a self-taught chef, lover of fine food and enthusiast for the all the finer things in life, which is represented tastefully throughout the restaurant’s menu and ingredients.

Shu uses organic only products sourced locally, from their chicken to their enoki mushrooms making their dishes truly delectable. With some of the recipes from his menu passed down from his mother, it’s clear to see where Shu’s love and passion for food comes from.

The restaurant’s developmental time span wasn’t the longest of ones with the restaurant now up-and-running in a matter of months. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t without the hardship and seemingly endless blood, sweat and tears on Shu’s part, which culminated recently in a celebratory unveiling of the fine interior and menu to a massive crowd of some of Melbourne’s most renowned social, media and online faces and personalities.

No doubt a new haunt of the socially savvy and fashionably fabulous, Shu is a new shining star in the Asian offerings of Melbourne and north-of-the-river.

At affordable prices, pleasant services and a very cool atmosphere, Melburnians can’t go wrong.

My fellow writer for Fjorde Magazine, Rachel Farah and I

Irish of StyleZilla, Iolanthe Gabrie of Ruby Slipper and I

Calvin Chong of Vanity Press and I

Stylist Iyan Difuntorum and designer Matcho Suba

Amber Renae and Shiva Singam

Many thanks to my eternally favourite photographer, Meagan Harding.


147 Johnston Street

Collingwood VIC 3066

P: 03 9090 7878




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