Living in the State of Halcyon

Staying true to my passion for local and independent designers in our fair country of Australia (and neighbouring New Zealand), I’ve recently noticed a new online retailer based in Melbourne known as Halcyon State that readily brings emerging designers to the wardrobes of many.

It’s a small operation that works from a modest shop front in a relatively quiet street in exclusivesville (Middle Park) Melbourne. No better place to spruik the wares of designers that pay attention to detail and couture than in the land of the overpaid, I say.

That aside, proprietor and founder, Leigh Gibson has a passion for clothes, a great enthusiasm for local and independent designers and helping them achieve some sort of status that shoots them to a more established environment.

What makes Halcyon State that little bit better is that while they sell the wares of designers from Australia and New Zealand, much time and effort is invested into determining the manufacturing process of the garments and what those involved in manufacturing actually earn for their work. In addition to this, the Halcyon State team filter and select pieces that stay true to the etailer’s preference for clean lines, modern takes on classic styles and figure flattering shapes.

Around a year ago, Leigh moved from her life and work in IT and computer systems and founded Halcyon State. She wouldn’t have it any other way. And while she is feeling her way as she goes, the success the etailer has seen over the past twelve months in both clientelle around Australia, New Zealand and the world, as well as some of the designers on board is indicative of a woman who knows her stuff when it comes to online retailing.

With designers and labels the likes of Alex Perry, Alexi Freeman, Chip Chop!, Mad Love, Shakuhachi and Tato and Memi, Halcyson State caters to those who aren’t afraid to spend good money on good quality clothes with an ethical back story and a unique Australian flair. And yes, they are some well-known names you recognise in that very condensed list (the full one of which can be seen here).

The Halcyon is a fabled bird that is said to have had the power of charming the wind and waves into calmness, while that’s a fallacy, the power the clothes at Halcyon State have over charming a fashionisto’s emotions from erratic to placid is unquestionable. I suppose that’s the pun intended, but is definitely something that Leigh and her State of Halcyon are all about.

Is there a plan for menswear in the future? Yes. Immediately? No. Given the etailer is but an infant and Leigh’s directions in womenswear are still being honed, burgeoning into the realm of the Y chromosome is something for a bit dow the track, she says.

Recently Leigh had a few affiliates, friends, bloggers and associates to the Halycon State office to peruse the clothes, familiarise themselves with the labels and enjoy a lovely smorgasbord of cheese, champagne and sweets. Naturally, I was only to happy to oblige and meet the woman behind the brilliance.

Thanks to Meagan Harding for her – as always – brilliant shots. Who? See here.

Founder and director, Leigh (centre) with colleagues and friends

Ilker Kale, Aaron, Phoebe Montague (Lady Melbourne) and I


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