Geo. F. Trumper’s art of wet shaving

The remarkably old school practise of stropping is now a figment of the past reserved for those of the era or those who fancy the odd beating of a piece of leather. It sharpens the razor blade before a shave and keeps the blade clean.

But who cares?! With a new product I’ve recently discovered that brings the old charm of merry old Mother England back to the fore, we don’t need it.

Geo. F. Trumper is a delightful olde Englishe brand of men’s barbery goods and perfumes that are known for their prestigious range of fragrances, grooming products and accessories for the everyday man.

Having been around since 1875, the man who founded the brand, George F. Trumper has long since moved on. He left his namesake to what is considered to be one of England’s and now the world’s finest grooming products that have attracted attention from the English aristocracy, celebrities and movie stars and even appeared on the like in James Bond’s 1971 film Diamonds Are Forever featuring Sean Connery.

I was lucky enough to be sent some of the product to try on my face over the past week or so, and have to say, having the benefit of over 137 years of concocting and perfecting their products has certainly benefited the brand well.

The products are quintessentially British, evidently through their charming vintage feel old school packaging and fragrances, which come in the likes of almond, coral, coconut, lime, rose, violet and sandalwood, which I have been enjoying.

The idea behind shaving cream is that it is meant to keep the face – of whatever part of the body you deem worthy of shaving – moist and protected while the razor glides over the skin, soften the hair follicles and make for a smooth and all too easy, irritation-free shave. That’s why the thought of dry shaving makes most men wince with pain.

Geo. F. Trumper’s cream has achieved this goal with typical British pomp and ceremony with a beautiful fragrance to boot.

The cream froths up into a rich and slippery lather with the smallest amount, so only a brief squeeze of the tube is necessary before applying to the face.

It has a very sensitive and loving feel when being applied that my trusty three-blade razor glides through all too easily. Not that I have much of a beard to tackle every morning, but you get the idea.

Because the cream does froth up so much and such a small amount is required, the tube has lasted longer than most creams I have used to date, which means that if I play my cards right, I’ll be enjoying a taste of the Motherland for a long time to come.

Geo. F. Trumper’s shaving cream retails for $21.95 for 75g and $38.95 for 200g. Take your pick from

What many beauticians and those in the beauty industry I know and talk to always tell me is that their pet peeve with men and their lack of knowledge on how to shave themselves really gets their goat.

Many of them either dry shave – ouch – or do not take into consideration the post-shave treatment, which is just as important as shaving itself.

If you think about it, many men use anywhere up to a four razor shaver every morning, which is dragged along their cheeks, neck, jaw, everywhere sensitive that in addition to removing the tops of facial hair follicles, also removes the top layer of dead skin, revealing sensitive skin that hasn’t yet seen the light of day.

For most, this leaves a smarting sensation after shaving, which is where the likes of the Geo. F. Trumper skin food comes in. By bolstering the skin’s moisture and stopping any smarting, the skin food looks after the traumatised skin and restores it back to its comfortable normalcy.

It can also be used before shaving to soften the hair and the skin, but given you use it after the fact, too, it seems wasteful.

I know it can seem pricey, but investing in good skin care with over a hundred years’ experience and knowledge can’t do anything but benefit you, so it’s best to invest. Geo. F. Trumper’s skin food retails for $34.95 for 100mL, $54.95 for 200mL and $89.95 for 500mL. Take your pick from

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Trumper is devoid of any social media presence except their website, so jump online, check it out and see what I’ve been raving about:


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