Emerging designers teach us how to SWOON

Their intention is to make those of us that appreciate fine design and unique pieces SWOON.

They achieved just that.

Walking into one of Melbourne’s newest boutique retailers on Auburn Road in Hawthorn is an experience not often seen anymore in this fair city in more ways than one.

Brahman Perera and Keegan Hunt are the brains and part of the brawn behind the installation, which is situated most humbly down an averagely busy street between a local Op Shop and boutique perfumery. They’ve intended on making a local and extended splash and have done so very well so far. Having been open for only two weeks so far, they’re quickly establishing a definite presence.

The story behind SWOON is most inspirational and stems from the tales of both Keegan and Brahman themselves. They’re both independent designers living and working in Melbourne who’ve managed to fight their way through the noise to emerge with some sort of recognition of their truly amazing and unique designs.

It’s thanks to this that they understand the challenges and hardships so many independent designers face in trying to make their way, so by offering their knowledge and assistance, they aim to bring many new and albeit unknown designers well and truly to the fore.

SWOON is a modestly sized store that makes use of every-single-inch of its space to aptly and beautifully display the numerous pieces by numerous designers that it sells, thus doing its best to offer independent designs a platform off which to spring into a market that  is only too enthusiastic to receive them.

In addition to boutique teas and some of the most amazing macaroons I’ve eaten in my life, the likes of Elgar & Lyle by Brahman Perera, Margery Daw by Keegan Hunt and around 41 others adorn the walls, shelves, tables and window displays of the store, adding to the very chic, very rustic, very cool ambience and vibe of the retail store.

Upon entry, sweet smells of tea, fragrances and ‘newness’ assaults the olfactory sense as your eyes adjust to the very stylish interior as if the stunning window displays don’t give enough of a heads-up.

Suspended bare bulbs hang from wires criss-crossing the ceiling to set a modest and sensible mood light to the outlay, while the full width counter at the back end of the store keeps a watchful and defined eye over the space.

Candles often burn, adding a homely touch to the store while guests peruse tastefully displayed rings, necklaces and accessories on centre tables, dresses, jackets, coats and other uniquely designed pieces that drew attention simply from their presence.

SWOON can be found at 109 Auburn Road, Hawthorn just next to the raised train line.

Follow the SWOONERS on Twitter @SWOONlifestyle or like them on Facebook.

Elgar & Lyle on display

Brahman and Keegan elcome guests at the opening party

Stylist Iyan Difuntorum (iy.d Style) and blgoger Chris Rivera (Fashion Muuse)

Owner Brahman Perera and one of his stocked designers Cathleen Tan of label Cathleen Jia

Directors of SWOON, Brahman Perera and Keegan Hunt

Sarah Kemspon (Sarah’s Style Emporium), Dan Smith (Feast of Dan) and I

Irish Rivera (StyleZilla), Micah Gianelli (superb styling guru) and I

Thanks to Jesse Maricic and Micah Gianelli of Raww for their sterling photos. http://raww.co/.


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