Lqd Skin Care for men

My skin screams with joy, writhes with excitement and thirsts for its Lqd.

Australia has been smacked with a new player in the men’s skin care market that rivals oily, poorly made, chemically enhanced and unnatural alternatives available that in fact do nothing.

It offers manageable, fragrance-free, chemically and dermatologically tested skin care perfection, the likes of which I’ve not yet encountered anywhere. And I can’t even begin to tell you how excited it makes me.

The idea for Lqd was hatched around fifteen years ago and has only recently come to fruition thanks to the tireless work and effort contributed by the brand’s founder and creator Anthony McDonough alongside one of the country’s leading developmental chemists.

The plan behind it was to bring to the fore, skin care for men in as little of an effeminate way as possible. I think they’ve succeeded. Men traditionally are far too manly and astronomically too butch to give a damn about their skin, right? We’d all know and can all speak with some form of empathy given some of the sun damaged and crevassed faces we’re forced to encounter along the way in this day and age. Shudder.

Lqd was created to abolish that entirely and do away with poor men’s skin care one man at a time. By encouraging men to adhere to a skin care ritual that isn’t also targeted at women, won’t make them smell too pretty, come available in colourful and vibrant packaging and give them an unnatural look, Lqd is hitting the male market right on the head with their wants and dire, dire needs.

I was recently sent a skin care package, which included each of Lqd’s products available at their website here.

Please revel in my skin care joy with me below…

Lqd face wash, $35.00

For men who wash their face with liquids and potions to better the quality of their skin and its appearance – which should technically be all of you – get excited because I’ve found a product that is entirely PH balanced, inoffensive, unperfumed and masculine.

Lqd’s wash product is these things and more. It’s a non-foaming, milky cream-like substance, which perfectly and all too easily removes sweat, daily grime, oil and any other filth you manage to accumulate on your face over the course of any day or night without a skerrick of an irritation or annoyance.

With an application method that even the most dexterously challenged person could manage, the product’s power and definition make it for a long-lasting product that requires only minimal use per application, making it perfect for the most frugal of users.

Given it has no smell and nothing distinctly noticeable about its being, I’ve nothing more to say than the proof is in the pudding, get facially purifying, all!

Lqd shave, $40.00

Not necessarily is every aspect of male skin care a daily thing, but when it comes to shaving it is, so why skimp on the good stuff?

While pricey this product may be, this thick, antioxidant loaded, non-foaming having cream works wonders on the sensitive man’s face and won’t ruin the razor blade, which is a nice change. Normally I churn though my tri-blade razors with my thick, manly (not) morning brush, so for this to not happen was quite a nice surprise.

Because of the ingredients in the cream and the fact that it doesn’t foam and remove any of the skin’s chemicals, rather nourishes them, the blade glides seamlessly along the cheek.

Again the cream is free of added fragrance, but has a definite smell of something similar to a public swimming pool early in the morning. That’s not to say there’s chlorine in there, because there isn’t, but it definitely has active chemicals to benefit the skin. The cream is non-irritational and a small amount is required per shave, this product is perfect for the self conscious man.

Lqd scrub, $40.00

My beautician – yes, I have one – one used a very effective rhetorical question on me, which made me entirely rethink the ritualistic practise of body and facial exfoliation.

She asked:

How many cars do you own?”


“Would you wash it with rocks?”


“Then why would you wash your face with them…?”

A question she felt compelled to ask me because of my exfoliation methods at the time, which she clearly didn’t agree with. That said, it got me thinking. It also worked in selling me a highly overpriced tube of facial exfoliant, but that’s not the point.

It forced me to reconsider why I’d use anything less than perfect on the care of my face and skin. There was no real reason for me to not be taking the best care of it, even if it meant spending a few more dollars than most.

Lqd’s scrub is packed with glycolic acid, which is basically the chemical that easily penetrates skin and is used by many dermatologists and skin care products to improve the skin’s appearance and texture. It works very well when used in the right manner, so use this scrub every two-to-three days and you’ll be positively glowing. Combine this with the micro beads that swim through every millilitre of the liquid and the skin is in for a dead cell removing, invigorating experience.

Admittedly, the beads in the liquid are quite big, rough and sharp, which repeats my beautician’s rhetorical question in my mind with every application. While of course you’re able to control the pressure with which you apply the formula, it can prove to be quite harsh and uncomfortable so use with caution.

Lqd calm, $50.00

What many people I know in the skin care and beauty industry tell me is that many men don’t use a post-shave formula on their face to reinvigorate, enliven and calm-down the skin after it’s just essentially had its top (dead) layer removed.

The post-shave phase of a man’s morning ritual is quite important in ensuring the face, especially those with sensitive skin, is looked after and doesn’t flare-up or irritate.

The Lqd calm formula is funnily enough, a calming, non-irritating cream that for me – someone who has sensitive skin – worked perfectly in soothing my skin and stopping the post-shave tingling after my face copped a beating.

I tend to cut and style my own hair – and have done so about a decade now – so also found that this can be used in areas other than strictly the face like the neck and other sensitive areas where the feeling of razor burn can be a little too much to handle.

It too smells like nothing, feels essentially like nothing and absorbs into the skin very quickly, guaranteeing a soft face and no shine throughout the day.

Lqd hydrate, $65.00

The best moisturiser for my face I’ve used to date. Period.

Lqd tells me it is specifically designed for men who exercise – which I do not – but it can be used for one and all.

It’s a thicker-than-usual white cream, which at first feels like a non-breathable sunscreen lotion. However, it is a very quickly absorbed lotion, which melts into the skin almost immediately after a quick massage and offers a slight matte texture which eliminates a build-up of sheen throughout any day and allowing the easy application of any other cosmetics and creams on top.

Again for the final time, it has no added smell but does smell of a scientifically concocted potion with active ingredients. It has no specific colour and doesn’t require a great deal to do the job. Ideal.

–          –          –         –          –

For more information and ingredients on all of these products, including the back story of the new Lqd brand, its founder and promotions and of course to buy some for yourself, see their website: www.lqd.com.au

Follow Lqd on Twitter @lqd4men or like them on Facebook here.

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